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    Well we are now back into our second day of first grade (yay!) and today was fun! Watched a video on slavery, did some problem solving with science, built a lego grabber arm, did phonics, played over an hour on prodigy math (which he LOVES, but only if I read it to him), read a book, did some painting, and now he is off playing games. We usually do our school in the middle of the day, but today we were done before the normal time we start!

    I'm considering starting spanish for him this year, so we may add a bit of that in today as well as we still have hours to go before bed.

    Oh, and found out last night that my husband will be pulling 3 days of overtime this month (that's basically a whole additional week for him) Which I guess is good timing as the car will need to go into the shop, but still, 3 days in one month? (he hasn't had 3 days of overtime in the last 12 months COMBINED!)

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    I spent the day fixing things. Sunvisor in my car won't stay up so I have to drive holding it up with one hand.... grr. Tried to pull up the blinds over the kitchen sink and they kept going all screwy - one of the strings is threadbare - nothing to fix had to replace. ds dropped his ipad, luckily just a few scratches... ugh. Sliding door to the backyard is getting harder and harder to open and no obvious reason for it. Got in my husbands car to go pick up my other son, and the window won't go down so I looked at him and said, 'Just call me Hurley'.... we just started watching LOST, half way thru season2 and I"v never seen it before but I so felt like Hurley today, everything I touched broke. (the window was just stuck to the seal because of the unbareable frickn' heat here. I'm going to go finish my wine and go to bed.

    opps, almost forgot, ds and I spent like 2 hours making a mango swiss roll (he's really gotten into cooking lately) and it was a disaster, I had to spit it out! So we went to Panera bread for treats after picking up new blinds at Lowes.
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    I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. By the time I got the baby down for his nap and went to start school with my oldest I was also feeling dizzy. Told my oldest this is why I love homeschooling - we can choose to have free time today instead! Tomorrow is another day.

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    My anxiety was a mess because of my doctor's appointment. Not only did I just have to show up there was something I wanted to talk about that I pretty much figured I'd get resistance on but I figured being just about 30 I wouldn't get the "you're so young" talk. I did anyway and I got the push for options she came down firmly against last time. Just because I took a bunch a xanax and handled the appointment better this time.
    I also realized my web host fees went up, but when I thought about what they had given me it didn't seem like a bad increase. And after asking some questions I got a really good offer on an upgrade and now my site has a mobile version.
    I just need to figure out where and how to add a bio to my site so I can start submitting my work to publications again because there was at least one that wants a bio. I also need to figure out how much is not enough and how much is too much for a website bio. The average person seeking a commission isn't going to care about my anxiety, my taste in books, my collection of fan art based prints.
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