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    After hiking this morning, I got to get my geek on and visit Los Alamos. Did you know that parts of it have been designated a National Park.

    Richard Feynmann is my hero.

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    TFZ, we seriously love our umbrella. Makes life simpler, happier, and better. I know some HS moms of onlies, who love the entire portfolio process, and have a nicely made keepsake portfolio from each year, etc... and though I would love to be one of them, with multiple kids from periadolescent to toddler. I vastly prefer the twice-annual online reporting we do for our RAPPS.

    I have done the indpendent homeschooling thing, and I sorta miss the pomp and circumstance of meeting a review, presenting how amazingly awesome our year was, playing show and tell with other moms in group reviews, etc...but with 4 kids, seriously. The glamour rubs off quickly.

    We're all about simplifying, here, too.
    Middle-aged mom of 4 kids spanning a 10-year age range, homeschooling since 2009, and a public school mom also, since 2017.

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    Happy Friday to you all, too! Liking this idea of a daily check-in. It's cozy.

    Would have stayed home and done housework if it weren't for a social engagement for the kids, then another social engagement with other HS moms, in the evening, for me. Tired! I knew we were all HS moms at that meeting because the yawns starting going around the group at 8.

    Got home, counseled DS8 who felt he should/could have gone to the library all evening, til I reminded him they closed at 7, and really all he wanted was the computers anyway....we have a computer problem, down to 1 functioning.
    Put finally-sleepy toddler to bed...and wow, he stayed there, asleep! YAY!
    11 pm and DS8 and DD11 are sauntering off to bed after some TV indulgence, urged by Papa. I'm heading bedward, myself.

    But I did get in a round or two of my fave early-90's Apogee PC game, courtesy of (they fix up the oldie goldies so you can play them on modern OS, for cheap).
    Loving the perfect summer weather we're having.
    Middle-aged mom of 4 kids spanning a 10-year age range, homeschooling since 2009, and a public school mom also, since 2017.

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    I am ultra cranky today. Nothing major has gone wrong; it is just a day of 100 petty annoyances.

    Tomorrow we have not 1, but 2, birthday parties to attend. I am glad for the invites for DS, but zomg.

    Also squabbling with my dad because he cannot remember how my last name is spelled, despite seeing it written down many, many, MANY times and being reminded of the correct spelling. So I reminded him AGAIN, and he copped an attitude about it. What the eff ever, dad. I will start mailing stuff to him and his wife with random mispellings. Petty? Yes. Dont care, though.


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    Bundaberg is the BEST Ginger beer. bevmo carries it and Costworld Plus. I go so excited when my local safeway had it once and then they never had it again... ugh. I love that stuff.

    I spent most of the day quilting. Everyonce in a while the bug hits me and that's pretty much all I'v been doing this week. Most of the piecing is done, just have to sew the big squares together and the boarder around the edge. Then the painful part, quilting... that can wait til next week... or the week after.
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    TFZ it sounds like your day may actually have been worse than mine. We went to get my new phone (yay) and while in store heard from our realtor that we lost out on house #5. Higher bidder in HUD. UGH! And my husband has had his first food allergy discovery and has spent HOURS sneezing and whining. I'm contemplating smothering him. (he pretty much tells me to suck it up buttercup every time I discover a new food allergy).

    On the plus side, Tech went to his grandparents and played with the chickens, helped grandpa garden, and helped load the dishwasher. And he behaved like an angel while waiting for me to get my phone.

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    Sorry about the house, aselvarial. I think you win the day from hell award. At least I don't have to go out and look at new air conditioners again! Sounds like a pretty competitive market. Buying a house sucks. I hope you have some luck soon!

    Ooooh another quilter! I will continue to watch it on tv. The other day dd asked me what the sewing machine was. I told her it to sew clothes, but mommy is not very good at using it. Bah.

    Good luck today, MissLemon. I hate bday parties. July is usually a good month for no bdays. Fingers crossed! I also have the kids in swimming now. "Oh I'm so sorry we can't make it to another boring kid party! We have swim lessons every Saturday from now until FOREVER."

    CRunchy - that's so funny. If I was schooling an only that would totally be me. I also remember my house being a whole lot cleaner, but anyway... Lately there's been a bit of a gap between what I want to get done and what actually happens, lol. This is something that I could easily let go.
    I'm a work-at-home mom to three, homeschool enthusiast, and avid planner fueled by lattes and Florida sunshine. My oldest is 6 and is a fircond grader (that's somewhere between first and second, naturally), my preschooler just told me she wants to learn how to read, and my toddler is a force of nature.

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    Yesterday started out poorly, but then I somehow got my mood turned around and finished one artist trading card drawing I had started forever ago and then went ahead an made my water themed one too. I also go to try out a new technique with colored pencil I had been wanting to try. Making a colored pencil portrait went so much faster, it was easier on my hand and I think I like the finish too.

    Sorry about the house, aselvarial. House hunting is super stressful. Hopefully you find a super awesome house soon.

    I also decided to sign up for two local artist associations. I signed up for one online and filled out a form I have to mail for the other. I'm rather excited to see how this goes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScienceGeek View Post

    I spent most of the day quilting. Everyonce in a while the bug hits me and that's pretty much all I'v been doing this week. Most of the piecing is done, just have to sew the big squares together and the boarder around the edge. Then the painful part, quilting... that can wait til next week... or the week after.
    I'm so envious. I really want to quilt one day!
    About 15 years ago I decided I wanted to start quilting - I had never used a sewing machine in my life. I showed up at several local quilt shops before one agreed to let me join a class with no sewing experience. I bought tons of fabrics, patterns, etc. I have one quilt pieced together but never quilted, another cut out but never put together, and other in various stages. They've been in cedar chests, along with all the fabric I bought, for fifteen years. I decided to make one of the quilts in wool fabric - I spent a fortune - I was a bit over zealous considering my lack of experience. Some of the fabric is 'kidish' because I planned to make quilts for my nieces and nephews (I didn't have kids yet.) all the kids in our family are too old for the cutesy fabric. I guess I should give it away.

    Maybe I will start quilting when I am in my 60's.
    homeschooled 4th through 8th grade - currently in public high school 10th grade
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    Crunchynerd - What game? We love GOG here, maybe twice a year we pluck out an oldie / goodie.

    ML - Yay for a nearby nephew. Its nice having an agreeable, easy to get along with extended family member around within easy distance. (And awesome that disagreeable ones arent!)

    dbsam - Happy birthday to your kids!

    MissLemon - WTH? Your dad cant be bothered to spell your name right? Even if he has horrible dyspellia, he should be able to copy your name down correctly! Is it him being disapproving that you got married?

    ScienceGeek - QUILTING!!!! Will you share pics? Are you gonna hand or machine quilt? Dogs up or dogs down?
    dbsam - Those patterns and fabrics you have are aging (like wine), and known as stash. I did the same overbuying and overambition when I started.

    I dont think I did anything exciting yesterday, except for going to Coldstone for dinner. Hardly newsworthy.
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    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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