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    Default Favorite Animal Picture Books?

    We are on an animal book binge right now, and I was wondering if anyone has any *gotta try it* suggestions.

    We bought this book at Costco today: Amazing Animals by Sterling Childrens Press. It has nicely drawn, usually labeled pages of animals sorted by color, quantity, and special features (unusual noses!). Its cheaper at costco than amazon.

    Some Bugs! has nice watercolors, and a ladybug *hidden* on every page. We talk through our picture books, and this gave us a lot of verbs to talk about (look, the bug is hiding! these bugs are fighting! this bug is riding on the other ones back! etc)

    Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm. This was the best thing I picked up from our first year HS *Im just dabbling I will buy the box curriculum*. The pictures are more simplistic, but they have cute one or two sentence story-captions, and theyre funny.

    What does the rest of the pre-school and toddler set like?
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    "Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type" is BLOODY hilarious. Both DS and I loved it.


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    What Would You Do with a Tail Like This?
    DS4 LOVES it and has memorized all of the animal facts.

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    My ds3 loves Graeme Base (Animalia, The Water Hole, etc).

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    Literally EVERYTHING from the Children's room picture book section of the library. Love those books, they were so wonderful

    Dinosaur Roar was a favorite of Elle's at around 3. All the Jan Brett books, but we especially loved "The First Dog" about a cave boy and a wolf that keeps following him around. All of Jan Brett's stuff is gorgeous...."Fritz and the Beautiful Horses", "Comet's Nine Lives".

    "My Big Animal Book" comes in board book....very nice pictures of a collection of different animals.
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    If you mean story books that have animals???? Make Way for Ducklings.....perfect time of year. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie....and the others in the series. Sheep In A Jeep......I still laugh at that one! (I know, my kids think I'm weird too)
    Or did you mean non-fiction?

    Oh, just followed your links, I see......those look great, makes me wish I still had little ones
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    Miles and Miles of Reptiles

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    Thanks! I will check out the books I dont have Ive seen the What would you do with a Tail... and the Give a Mouse a Cookie at the library and will check them out next time.

    Click Clack Moo is hilarious, one of my favorites, too! I like the Animalia book (I got it after it was in beautifully illustrated books thread), but it doesnt hold DS attention yet.

    And dare I say there is a lot of *twaddle* in our picture book section of the library? A lot of commercially branded stuff, and its not any better for the preschool set than it is for the young readers.

    We are still at the stage where the stories have to be told from the pictures, DS isnt going to be interested in me blathering on about the wonderful experience Beauty had strolling through the Beasts gardens.
    I suspect I will be collecting all the Jan Brett books in the near future.

    Is Sheep in a Jeep the one where the jeep gets stuck in the mud, everyone helps him, and he sprays mud on them as he drives off? lol If so, I think its in our library.

    Thanks everyone!
    Homeschooling DS13, DS6.


    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    Yep....also there is Sheep Out to Eat. Isn't there Duck in a Truck too? Miss those books.
    Homeschooling two sons (14 and 16) from day one. Atheist.
    Eclectic, Slackschooler covering 8th and 10th grades this year.

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    I love this site because I can find topics like this and then search our library and place holds. Right now I have a handful of Jan Brett's books lined up. We too love Make Way for Ducklings and just received Ferdinand which we have read every night for a week.

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Favorite Animal Picture Books?