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    Default Real or Artificial Tree?

    Growing up, my family ALWAYS had real Christmas trees. About 10 or so years ago, I decided to buy an artificial tree, since the quality has vastly improved over the years so they don't look nearly as hideous as they used to. I like the convenience and cleanliness. Plus, it's fiber-optic, so I don't need to string lights.

    However, there is definitely something lacking--that smell! I talked to ds, and we think we will get a real tree this year.

    I'm curious about what everyone else does (those who celebrate Christmas, of course ) ?

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    I had to switch to artificial several years ago because my allergy to the real thing got too severe. I was single at the time and had to drag it in and out by myself. I would have hives all up and down my arm and intense itching. I decided that it was not worth it.
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    We have an artificial, that does not mean that is what I want. I want a real tree. Some years we get one, other times we don't. Part of it depends on where we are living and the space we have since the artificial takes up less space than any live tree I have ever chosen. My husband thinks that if I choose a tree it will overwhelm the house and there won't be room to move. I think if he chooses a tree it will look like Charlie Brown's. The artificial is a compromise, just like the butt-ugly star that we bought back in 97 when our angel died. The idea was if we both hated it, it would force us to find something we liked. We have yet to find something we both like, so the butt ugly star lives on. Thankfully, we have solved the yearly fight over lights--he likes those horrid little twinkly things, I like real ones with bulbs that are easy to change. We found his stupid twinkly things with covers that make them look real. Going on 22 years now, and decorating is still a challenge!!
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    We have an artificial tree because we wanted a short one that could go up on a table when the kids were babies. I'd love to get a real, full-sized one, but we don't have a good place to put it in our house. Also, the initial expense of buying lights, more ornaments, and a stand is too much for us at this time of year.
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    Real! I grew up with real and I love the whole ritual of picking it out and bringing it home! And the smell... THAT's how I know it's Christmas.
    Rebecca - mama to an 9 year old boy, and a 7 year old girl.

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    My parents bought a real Christmas tree every year but I don't have any really great memories of that. My grandmother always had an artificial tree, and when i got older I put it up for her and decorated it. My other grandmother always had an artificial tree, and got a new one a few years ago. Now I get to help her put hers up every year.
    We have an artificial tree, and it's not one of the super nice models, but I do like that I can stick ornaments inside the tree, especially the shinny balls. They reflect the light and I think that looks nice. I'm hoping to buy a bigger tree when we move and have more space. We are starting to need a new one just because of all the
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    we live in an apartment so we don't have a lot of room, and when TW was really little we didn't even have one. now we have a pre-strung little one with fiber optics that sits on our table. I'd love to be able to live somewhere where we can have a nice big real tree. but for now this is the most practical option for us.

    if you miss the pine smell try the pine-bay-nutmeg boiled potpourri from this site. it's really yummy.
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    We get a real tree even though DH complains about the process. It is our tradition to go to a "cut your own" place and have the kids help to pick it out and cut it down. When I was a kid my family always went to my grandmothers land to find a tree. It wouldn't be Christmas for me without the argue over which tree is best and who gets to saw first!
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    I grew up with an artificial one. My mother was a single mom with little money and we lived in an apartment.

    Dh swore he would always have a real one until he was too old to physical get one in the house and then only if he didn't have kids old enough that he could make them do it. That goal changed two years ago when it became clear that ds has severe allergies to live trees. He would up with a really bad case of pink eye and the next year we bought a fake tree. I like that it's pre-lit, that I'm not finding pine needles for months later, and that we know exactly how much space in our very small living room we need to come up with.
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    Real, the only way to go for us. Plus we get to go and cut our own, the junior forest wardens use it as fund raiser, each year they get a section of forest that can handle some thinning. The benefit with a fresh cut compared to buying from lots is huge needle drop is minor on the fresh tree.
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Real or Artificial Tree?