View Poll Results: Where does the study of prehistoric life belong?

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  • Science: as part of earth science

    3 8.82%
  • Science: separate unit

    4 11.76%
  • History: prehistory unit

    3 8.82%
  • Both: earliest life through non-homanoid mammals in science; early humanoids on in history

    8 23.53%
  • Both: earliest life through first humans in science; artifact-creating humans on in history

    12 35.29%
  • Neither: my children were so into dinosaurs as pre-schoolers that I never want to discuss them again

    1 2.94%
  • Other

    3 8.82%
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    Default Where does the study of prehistoric life belong?

    Do your elementary students study prehistory as part of science or history?

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    I chose other, because I used a textbook as a spine to create our science curriculum for this year. I had planned to do an extra 2 units on my own, not covered by the textbook, for evolution and dinosaurs. Our history curriculum (Moasic) covers prehistory as part of history, so I've just been doing the two side by side. When I write it into my log I write in "Social Studies/Science" and just write down everything I did for both.
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    It doesn't quite fit Earth Science in my head, although that would be a valid place to put it, but it also fits with life sciences. Then there is the paleontology part... Best bet, for me, is to teach it seperately from and let my daughter classify what type of science it is for herself.
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    I voted both, but I think it's fine if it overlaps. With both science and history, I find that the longer we're at this, the more things we cover twice in different contexts and I kind of like that.
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    We started our chronological tour of history with Ice Age humans, but we did talk about animals too (cause, ya know, giant sloths are COOL!). We have talked about the geologic history of the earth, extinct animals, and human evolution only informally at this point, but I plan to cover them as science at some point.
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    Science and history are two different ways of knowing, rather than two entirely different subject matters. If you consider history to just be a human endeavor, than there is an obvious separation, but if you want to tell the story of our world, then history encompasses everything.

    That's a long winded way of saying other.
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    Oh, yes, I like that Emma. I agree. We covered early man in one way for history - cave paintings, culture, social movement, etc. We haven't done much biology yet, but when we do, we'll talk about the science of evolution and what biology tells us about ourselves and our history. Different aspects of the topic.
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    i voted history, simply because when i started on history, i started with the big bang . . i wanted the whole big story. but yeah, if you wanted to study more about the way genes were passed or how we know what we know about prehistory, that would be more science. but the only way I could force myself to start history (which i always hated) was to start with something i liked (more like science)
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    I voted "both", as we incorporate prehistoric studies into the cycle of The Well-Trained Mind. We study pre-historic, non-human creatures as part of biology, and pre-historic humans as part of ancient history.

    Though we study the science of evolution as modern history.
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Where does the study of prehistoric life belong?