View Poll Results: How much do you read aloud to you kids on average?

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  • Only occasionally, not regularly

    4 8.16%
  • Up to about half an hour a day

    11 22.45%
  • Between half an hour and an hour

    16 32.65%
  • Between 1-2 hours

    9 18.37%
  • Between 2-3 hours

    0 0%
  • My voice is tired because I never stop reading aloud!

    3 6.12%
  • We've passed the read aloud stage, but I used to read aloud!

    5 10.20%
  • We never entered the read aloud stage. My kids hate it!

    1 2.04%
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    Default How much do you read aloud?

    Polls are just fun, so I'm making another one. That is all.
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    I still read aloud with my 7 year old almost every day, but only for 15-20 minutes or so. We usually take turns reading. It helps me to see which words he's having trouble with/mispronouncing.

    Sometimes we all read together (me and both boys), in which case we all take turns.
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    Probably about an hour. It's usually a combination of books for history and read alouds. I'm kind of disappointed that I'm not doing as much as last school year. I did over 30 read alouds last year and less than half that number this year. The kids are just busy busy busy with their own play and projects and aren't as interested. Sometimes it takes days of effort to get them to even start a new book, even if I tell them it's the most wonderful, exciting, funny, famous book in the whole universe. "Please let me just read the first chapter of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. C'mon, please?"
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    You need an "It depends on how long the chapter is" choice
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    For the last - let's say 13 years - I've been reading aloud 60min plus per day...

    I've just eased off on reading to the girls this year - we tend to listen to audio books together more - but I read to ds every day for school and/or pleasure.

    I love reading aloud, I really think it's super fun and the best bit of homeschooling, maybe even my favourite bit of parenting!

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    We try to read aloud (taking turns by page) every day, but usually end up doing so 4-5 days/week and how long we go on for does depend upon how long the chapters are. However if we both really love the book (ie Harry Potter) then we've been known to read aloud 2-3 hours/day, 7 days/week, until finished... Bring on the cough drops!
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    I agree, polls are so freakin' fun! I have hundreds of poll questions but I don't wanna go overboard.

    I chose 30mins to an hour. But I'm planning on doing more at different times during the day.

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    I am a huge fan of reading aloud. I've always made it a big part of our homeschool routine. It's the best way to get the kids involved in a topic they think they have no interest in. It's easy to convince them, because it's so much easier than doing more math or writing. They're allowed to do crafts or build with lego or anything at all while listening, and they have both learned SO MUCH. I try to choose a variety of fiction, non-fiction, and different levels of difficulty. They've been exposed to so much literature, poetry, history, and even science this way.

    We haven't done nearly as much as usual this year, because I wanted to focus more attention on "the basics," but next year, I'm getting back into it. I find it so effective and so easy.

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    Every night for about a half-hour before bed when my son is here. Granted, he does it half the time... It depends on the story. But, yeah, he's 9 1/2 and we still have a bedtime story. Just finished Emily's Runaway Imagination last night.
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    I answered "we've passed the stage", although this year I did manage to read our history aloud still. I'm going to try to keep it up this upcoming year too, as I know he gets so much more out of it when we can discuss it together. But, for pure pleasure...he started reading to himself before bed around age 7 or maybe just when he turned 8, so that ship passed long ago. We still read together on occasion, just separate books and to ourselves.
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How much do you read aloud?