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    Ramen to that, EJsMom! I get you on the ridiculously expensive insurance that pays for pretty much nothing, but comes with the job that offers stability and security. I dont think we have dental or vision, either.

    Our speech therapist suggested we buy additional private insurance for my little one, that it might come out cheaper for us if they pay for what the employer one doesnt.
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    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    Late to the party but maybe look into an Option B?

    My understanding is it is all about the bite. If there's a problem with alignment, bigger problems can happen later. But you could be completely snaggletoothed and your bite might be fine.

    So we did option B: an upper retainer, overnight, when the kid was 5-6. It was adjustable. The problem was really only her bite, no removals etc.; just teeth mostly too big for her petite jaw growing in the way they were. Her teeth are perfect, bite-wise, and the alignment means they look fine (if cosmetics were a concern here). The retainer was not that expensive, or disruptive to her daily existence. Popcorn and taffy for everyone.

    But yeah we have a dentist who's a bit manic about bite. And he gladly refers for orthodontia so it's not like he's trying to keep the work all to himself.
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    Your DD and mine have this in common as well. DH and his sister both had huge gaps between the front top incisors, and his teeth came in so badly, he had medical cause enough to justify orthodontic surgery, due to some tissue growing down between the top front teeth that was making them point sideways outward. Really bad scenario! His sister also had bad teeth but not to the medically disfiguring degree, so she just had braces.

    But DD has the characteristic huge gap between the front teeth, and more...her adult canines are protruding through the gums above the remaining adult teeth, which have twisted in all strange directions due to the gaps...seems the timing of losing teeth and erupting adult ones is all wonky, and some are going sideways.

    I'm nervous, but DH says his were like that and they resolved themselves eventually, so armed with the knowledge that there is no magic window of opportunity for braces (it doesn't need to happen in one's teens) and that this may still resolve itself mostly, and that we can't afford things like $2K braces when we need to scrape just to afford $2K transmissions...we're opting for the wait-and-see plan.

    But for better or worse, a great smile really matters in EVERY profession, in every walk of life, whether overtly or subtly...even if you aren't in sales or modeling or fashion, opportunity knocks more often and more loudly for pretty people, at every stage. Not fair, but real.

    Worst case scenario, DD is still a snaggle-toothed mess at 16-17, and she gets a job JUST to pay for correction of her smile, and that will be okay.
    Middle-aged mom of 4 kids spanning a 10-year age range, homeschooling since 2009, and a public school mom also, since 2017.

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    One thing to keep in mind is that after a certain age braces are generally considered a cosmetic thing, therefore insurance won't pay for it, so if you're going to do it, now is the time.

    I think if it were me I'd take her in for an appointment and get recommendations from your dentist, specifically if she could use something like those invisaline clear things whatever they're called. I had braces for several years and it was horrible once they came off. I'm not sure what happened - if the enamel on my teeth where taken off with that glue they use or what, but I had cavities EVERYWHERE where the braces were glued which has caused lifelong problems for me. I'd be weary of them if they are not absolutely needed. Just my two cents.

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    DS8 will end up with braces. His adult teeth are growing in all sorts of crazy crooked.

    I wish my parents had gotten braces for me. My bottom teeth are crooked and overlap in the front. It is hard to clean between them, and dental cleanings are painful because of it. I would be a good candidate for invisalign, but there are only enough dollars for one of us to have braces, so DS8 will get them when he is older.

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Braces strictly for cosmetic reasons?