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Aslevarial, your mom sounds cool!
I'm hoping to graduate to being one of those uber-mellow older parents or grandparents, one of these days!
I love the peg analogy, and your talking about how he's a homeschooled only, so it's easier, made me laugh, picturing myself with one of those round shape-fitting baby toys, trying to fit a star peg, a square peg, a triangular peg, and a paisley peg, into shape-shifting holes while a ticker counts down the seconds remaining! hehe!
Those are my kids, but the ticker is imaginary, except that they grow up.
My mom wasn't mellow when I was a child. She freaked over EVERYTHING! She's MUCH more mellow now! I think it's easier to be mellow when you're the grandparent. :-)
Tech when he was little had this wooden cube thing that you put these little pegs in. We bought it used, and it had all these little square holes and round holes. BUT, only square pegs. Lots and lots of square pegs. My dad took it to his house and fixed it. He cut all the round holes into square holes. That's why I tend to think of that analogy. Tech was constantly trying to shove round pegs into square holes. Grandpa fixed the holes rather than make round pegs. :-)