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    Quote Originally Posted by JinxieFox View Post
    I haven't been around the forum since... gosh, 2013?

    We moved back to the U.S. from England and my son chose to attend public school after homeschooling for 6 years. Hard to believe he's 13 now and my daughter is 3. I really miss homeschooling and still believe 100% in it, but life has changed so much since my divorce, remarriage, having another child... Now I'm the one working outside the home, bringing in the bucks. Heh. And I do miss the community very, very much. I'm sure no one even remembers me and there are many new folks here.

    I wish all of you fantastic homeschooling journeys and truly miss being here!
    I remember you! I was just thinking about you the other day it's good to see you back on the forum. I can't believe Rowan is 3 already either. It just doesn't feel that long ago.
    Teemie - 11 years old, 6th grade with an ecclectic mix

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    Quote Originally Posted by astheriot View Post
    Yes, I am still homeschooling. I have also been visiting LetsHomeschoolHighSchool since I now have my last high schooler. DD is VERY much in charge of her own education choices at this point but I am a source of information and options for her so I would still like to follow this site. I would love any information or to compare notes with fellow homeschoolers preparing for college admission, testing, transcripts, or universities that actively recruit homeschoolers. Thanks for being a support through the years.
    You'll find a ton of information in the forum here. We've had a lot of these discussions!!

    Homeschooled two kids for 11 years, now trying to pay it forward

    Daughter -- a University of Iowa graduate: BA in English with Creative Writing, BA in Journalism, and a minor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

    Son -- a Purdue University graduate: BS in Computer Science, minor in math, geology, anthropology, and history

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    We're in our 6th or 7th year...I lost track! Heading officially, instead of informally, into high school in the fall with some dual enrollment. Also eyeballing CLEP, CBE exams and gearing up with the extra curriculars. My daughter is looking mostly at highly selective universities (she wants to be a theoretical or astrophysicist) so we are looking at the hoops we need to jump through and trying to make sure she's competitive for admission AND *lots* of financial aid. She will be applying to one or two less selective schools, also, buy why not shoot for the stars?

    Meanwhile, my son (only 2 years younger) keeps changing course and interests (he's much more typical than my self-starter, driven daughter) so he keeps me on my toes in a very different way. He is starting to solidify some interests in the marine sciences and fisheries. Good thing we live near the Gulf Coast, so I have a couple of opportunities we can explore in those areas!

    It was so much easier when they were in elementary and I could teach them the same things and we could wing it more

    I don't pop on here much anymore (and I was quiet before anyhow) because we are usually in a good groove and I've learned how to source curriculum that suits us when needed. Our local groups have improved, too. The big Christian one we are in for field trips has mellowed and it's huge (300+ families) so we can generally find some laid-back people. Plus, we cobbled together another side group we hang with a couple days a week. It only took 3-4 years for us to get there!!

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    After homeschooling for six years, I started having some health issues and my poor kiddo was pretty much self-taught for 8th grade. We stumbled onto an amazing charter high school that's 45 minutes away from our house that he got into two years ago. He loves it and is thriving. It's the #2 school in the state, academically, and is filled with the perfect weirdos for him. He has great friends, has voluntarily taken summer classes for the past three summers, and is carrying a 4.41 gpa on a 4 point scale. I don't think any of that would have been possible if we hadn't pulled him out and homeschooled. (My health issues are now clearing up, which is good since I drive afternoon carpool.)

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    We are in our 6th year. I homeschooled for the first 4 years, then we had a private teacher for the past two years. I recently (a few weeks ago) quit my job and I'm back to homeschooling the kids myself.

    I haven't been on her much lately. I have a Windows 8 computer and I was finding it very difficult to post. I wouldn't be able to type, there would be a delay to the characters showing and it drove me nuts. It actually seems better now, so maybe I'll come back and check things out. :-)
    Back home after three years!!
    Steph - college Graduate!!!
    George - 8/2005
    Vicki - 7/2007
    Dottie's Homeschool Universe

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    10th year of homeschooling and still going strong! We have 7 more years to go!

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    Graduated my youngest 2 years ago, my oldest just found out she is pregnant and has already stated that she wants me to help homeschool her children. So I guess will be starting back up in a few more years.
    Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies!

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    Still homeschooling Zack who turns 14 this year. It's our sixth year of HS and he's doing wonderfully. He's considering returning to a B&M school for his frehsman year of high school which is way too close for this mom to think about.
    Introverted, long-in-the-tooth, sometimes eccentric, eclectically homeschooling my 11-year-old, introverted, hardcore gamer son. Happily married for 23 years to the most patient and loving man in the world. Still finding my way and struggling to come to terms with a chronic illness. Allergic to drama, bigotry and conformity.

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    We are in our 8th year of homeschooling & still going strong. This year was our 14 year old's first year of highschool & she is doing a lot more stuff both independently & out of home (community college classes, classes at a homeschool academy, etc). Our 11 year old son has also had to be more independent as I'm in my final year of a midwife apprenticeship & life has been craaazy... I do really miss being more present and hands-on but we're muddling through and both the kids are doing fine. It looks like we're going all the way through with this homeschool gig I am so pleased with the people our kids are...interesting, bright, socially conscious, curious. Our relationships are strong and it's making the intense teen years SO much easier on everyone. I really do thank homeschooling for that.

    Chandra, Bob, Grayce (14), & Owen (12) in Austin, TX

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    Glad I got this email reminder! We've been homeschooling since the beginning, but DS took a foray into a local private school during 8th and 9th grades. That actually put us behind, so here we are again. I'd lost track of resources, so especially glad for this reminder now that we're in high school. Thanks!

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