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    Quote Originally Posted by salamandah View Post
    Hi, I am a not yet homeschooling mom. And because I am in West TN, I am feeling very alone. I can get involved in a group that is a 2 hr drive roundtrip or I can try to get along with the faith based group closer to home. So, I come here to find a little bit of belonging. I am trying to let my son finish out his first grade year in school but it gets harder everyday.

    Is there a reason you are waiting? We pulled out midyear and I was so relieved because of it.

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    Second year of homeschooling, beginning when M1 started second grade. M2 will be homeschooled, but I don't know when we will begin. Right now he's enrolled in Montessori preschool for next year, which is his pre-k year.

    Like Mariam, I've changed things up a lot. M1 is very much a visual/kinesthetic learner, so I've moved away from the classical delivery approach I started with, and started focusing more on tying experiences to our learning. That runs the gamut from taking care of our chickens and planting strawberries (it's hard out there for a medieval peasant)to attempting bike polo so he can understand the amount of work it took to make a Mongol warrior. I'm also, like Mariam, far more interested in resources than in curricula. The more I learn about how M1 learns, the easier it is to pick out some "school" materials, like HWOT or logic books, but hunting down activities and materials that bolster the content gets much more time consuming. I have shelves and shelves of hands-on stuff. Since M1 is a "learn all the things" kid, this keeps me hopping.
    FKA Hordemama
    Stay-at-home-librarian parenting a horde of two sons: Marauder 1 (M1) born in 2007, and Marauder 2 (M2) born in 2012.

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    Oops, voted wrong. Thought the question was how long we had been members of this site, so I voted 4-6 years. But then, if you count us as homeschooling from the time our firstborn did NOT go off the Kindergarten, we'd be in Year 7 now...but because we don't report to anyone until a child turns 7 (our state laws), that interpretation would mean we have been Officially Homeschooling 4 years now. Nah, I'll take 7, because that plunge of not enrolling in Kindergarten was the big doozy of a first step.
    Middle-aged mom of 4 kids spanning a 10-year age range, homeschooling since 2009, and a public school mom also, since 2017.

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    If you count pre-k it's 7 years but officially we've been homeschooling for 6 years.
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    I have not been here for a very long time but my last one graduated in 2014. I am about to graduate college for my Bachelor's in Education sometime in January. If you need to, you can remove my membership. I just don't have much time any more.
    Crazy Gothic mommy to one graduate and one freshman. I am a digital artist who would love to do your custom piece. See my profile for link.

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    We're in our 9th year. I started homeschooling when my oldest was in kindergarten, and he'll be starting high school next year. Where has the time gone?

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    11 years! Got one 10th and one 7th. We started homeschooling at day one and never looked back.
    Stay at home physicist - Mom to C (18 & off to college)) and J (15)

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    I haven't been around the forum since... gosh, 2013?

    We moved back to the U.S. from England and my son chose to attend public school after homeschooling for 6 years. Hard to believe he's 13 now and my daughter is 3. I really miss homeschooling and still believe 100% in it, but life has changed so much since my divorce, remarriage, having another child... Now I'm the one working outside the home, bringing in the bucks. Heh. And I do miss the community very, very much. I'm sure no one even remembers me and there are many new folks here.

    I wish all of you fantastic homeschooling journeys and truly miss being here!
    Mumsy to Gavin (13-year-old artsy boy) and Rowan (3-year-old disco queen)

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    Pulled my boys out of PS when they were in 1st & 4th grades. (2007) Been homeschooling them ever since. Oldest will graduate next year. He took a little longer cause it took him 2 years to get past Algebra.

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    Yes, I am still homeschooling. I have also been visiting LetsHomeschoolHighSchool since I now have my last high schooler. DD is VERY much in charge of her own education choices at this point but I am a source of information and options for her so I would still like to follow this site. I would love any information or to compare notes with fellow homeschoolers preparing for college admission, testing, transcripts, or universities that actively recruit homeschoolers. Thanks for being a support through the years.

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