View Poll Results: Holiday decor: tear it down or leave it up?

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  • Holidays are over, tear it down! Move on already!

    7 35.00%
  • Leave it up til New Year.

    8 40.00%
  • Leave it up til whenever. Maybe til Spring!

    3 15.00%
  • What Holiday Decor? Or, Other (please explain)

    2 10.00%
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    Leave it up until Twelfth Night/Epiphany. Taking it down before that means you're taking it down before Christmas is even over. Which is fine - it's a secular holiday too. Just sayin...
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    Neat to learn of all the traditions out there! My DH likes to leave it up til whenever, and depending on how irritated I felt with the whole holiday thing, I either am sick to death of it already and want it all down and packed away the day after Xmas, or else can tolerate it a while, again, depending on how Christmased out I feel that year. We also have a child born practically on New Year's Day, (Close enough!) and so if he wants the tree to stay up during his birthday, well, okay then.

    But I used to love the holiday decor, and these days, I can't wait to get the hassles over with. Terrible, I know!

    Interesting that someone said in New England people are more apt to leave it up, whereas in Baltimore they feel it has to be down PRONTO. I live in New England now but am not from here, and I can see that. Here, if it's still white everywhere you look, the sight of a red bow on a green wreath can be a real mood-lifter, whereas in the south or mid-atlantic, having x-mas decor up when bulbs are already breaking ground would seem a bit offputting.
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    I normally want it gone as soon as possible, but this year I didn't mind it up til after New year. But now I want it down. I am probably going to wait til after the 6th not from preference but necessity. I have too much that is more important to attend to. But I like to move on and be done with it.

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    We're planning to "undecorate" tomorrow, on the 12th day of Christmas. It was my 5yo's idea, but it seemed reasonable enough.

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    Usually I aim to get it all down the weekend around New Year's. For some reason, this year we were just busy, so it is all still up. Coming down tomorrow (Wed) because I'm off work that day, but now I'll get to tell DD that we left it up for the whole 12 days of xmas, thanks to this thread.

    Of course the downside of that is that from now on, she'll want to do that....
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    We like to leave it up until New Years, or the weekend right after New Years. We took it down early this year, because we got a new puppy who would NOT.STOP.EATING.THE.TREE. In case anyone is considering it, a Christmas puppy is a very, very bad idea. He's cute, but holy cow...

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    Twelfth Night, or What You Will?
    Sorry, couldn't resist!

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Post-holidays: tear it all down, or leave it all up?