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    Default Halloween costumes

    What are you doing for your kids Halloween costumes?

    DS usually likes to make his own (with lots of help), but this year he wants to be Harry Potter, so for the first time I am seriously thinking about buying it. (And I don't sew, usually I can get away with decorated t-shirts and sweats with accessories.)

    I tried to find an used black graduation gown, but to no luck. All I really need is the gown and glasses. I think we can manage with the rest. So off to Amazon.

    Though since DS likes to make costumes, it usually costs more than just buying it! But he does like putting his own twist on it.

    So what are you doing for your kids costumes this year?
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    My daughter is going to be Star Butterfly. For awhile she was Disney princesses but last year she was Princess Leia, before they started selling the costume, so I bought it on Etsy. I did make the "hair" though, it's a knitted hat. This year I got the costume from ebay. At first I was bit hesitant about spending more but then decided to make it a birthday gift, and now she's been wearing the dress everywhere so it's getting more than just costume use. I also got her a plush crocheted wand from an Etsy seller. She's also going to wear the costume to comic con later this month.

    I really need to learn to sew though, it would make the costumes easier.
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    Dd wants to be Beast Boy from Teen Titans. We are putting together a costume. Some sewing will be involved. Green hair coloring and face paint is involved as well.
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    We are HUGE costume ppl! The kid has both of his favorite Transformers costumes, plus a slew of Star Wars helmets and matching jumpsuits, pretty much all of the avengers, and of course, Batman and Superman. Which ones he'll choose, no idea yet. I can't wait til he gets a little older and we can do more complex costumes! We'll probably do one transformer and one superhero this year (likely batman, though Thor is a definite contender as he LOVES mjolnir

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    Ugh. I hate Halloween. My daughter usually has a "vision" for what she wants to be, and requires enormous amounts of help/money/shopping/makeup/supplies to make it a reality. For instance, one year she wanted to be a porcelain doll. I think it had to be a Chinese porcelain doll with a crack on her face. Last year, she wanted to be a SteamPunk princess. What does that look like? We're not sure, but it involved a lot of trips to Value Village and the hardware store, plus a lot of hot glue and glitter to bring her vision together.

    I have no idea what she has in mind this year, but I'm already afraid. On one hand, it's really cool that she has a vision and tries very hard to design something cool and original, but I am NOT THAT MOM. My son is so much easier. I think he's been a ninja for at least 5 out of 10 years. We can go to the costume store, pay $30 for the off-the-rack ninja costume in a plastic bag and he's satisfied. Thank god.

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    My eldest wants to be an elf. My middle child wants to be a Revolutionary War Soldier.

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    I am sorry, but I had to laugh. I tell DS that he had to figure it out now, because he too will have a vision of his costume. I want it figured out in plenty of time. I have some veto power over costumes, but I try to get it close.

    One year he wanted to be a robot, we went to Home Depot and the Dollar store bought lots of hardware, we duct taped a vest to wear, as well as boot covers and a hat. We spent 3 weeks working on the costume. Now DS has some sensory issues, so I was a little surprised, but I worked with him and he could still wear sweats and a t-shirt under the costume. Well the first day that we could wear it he looked me with sad eyes and said that he couldn't wear it. It didn't feel right. Thank goodness I had prepared for this event and had a simple costume already prepared for him to wear. He felt so bad for the rest of the holiday season, he would say, I'm sorry mama, we worked so hard on it and I can't wear it.

    Oh, well. We still have the costume and occasionally I will see him wear it out of his dress-up box.
    A mama who teaches college writing, as well as help her 12-year-old in
    choosing his own life adventure. Using Global Village School to support our desire to develop a sense of social justice and global awareness.

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    We do Halloween too, but since we all have "visions" of terrible detail, we start early. Like last month. We collect costume components. Our goal is to get as much as we can from thrift stores. In my fantasy world I get to be in a Halloween parade, and I get to help the kids and parents make their costumes, and we have a grand old time.

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    I usually ask my boys in August because October sucks. I make their costumes, so that is one time suck. But then at the end of October/beginning of November, my husband and both sons have their birthdays--all within three weeks. We use to do huge, joint birthday parties which were also huge time sucks. But oldest is in 7th grade, so I don't know if he is even going to dress up this year, and youngest switches so many times! He was going to be the Lone Ranger, but now I don't know. Thanks for the reminder...

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    My boys have already started arguing over who gets to be Messi, so I assume they both plan to go as soccer players. We're not the most creative bunch.

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