View Poll Results: Do you still listen to AM/FM radio?

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  • Yes, our whole family regularly listens to AM/FM radio either at home or in the car.

    22 45.83%
  • Either myself, or someone in my family regularly listen to AM/FM radio either at home or in the car.

    13 27.08%
  • Either myself or someone in my family occasionally listens to AM/FM radio

    5 10.42%
  • Either myself or someone in my family listens to AM/FM radio, but only by streaming it.

    1 2.08%
  • No one in my family listens to AM/FM radio

    7 14.58%
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    Default Just curious...homeschool families and radio

    Okay, so I'm naturally curious by nature, therefore forgive me if this is a totally "out there" question, but do you still listen to AM/FM radio? I mean, we've moved quickly into the era of satellite radio and streaming services, so I wonder if anyone besides myself still just flips on the radio in the car and actually listens. If not, I'd love to hear what your alternative choices are!

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    I do in the car. I don't have a fancy car with satellite radio so I listen to the local stations on my way in to work. Plus I need the traffic update and local news so it's a win win.
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    We often listen to an FM station that plays a nice mix of music from the 1960s to the present (with no godawful pop crap or racy lyrics). My kids hear a pretty wide variety of music and like everything from David Bowie to One Republic and have an ever changing list of "favorite" and "super favorite" songs.
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    DH listens to FM in his car to/from work since his cars cd player weenied out.
    My car has sat radio, traffic comes from the nav map, but I usually listen to songs from our music collection. When the sat radio opis on, it usually plays classical or the kids station, which plays fun songs like from Dr D etc. (Last time we listened they had the elements song to the tune of Very Model of a Modern Major General (from Pirates of Penzance).
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    I do in the car, mostly NPR or local talk radio. However, I'm not in the car all that much.

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    Only NPR (plus 10 characters).
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    At home I use Pandora, in the car usually satellite radio, but my subscription that came with the new car just ended and while I love it, I'm not sure I can justify the price. So back to FM radio (DS loves classic rock.) I could stream Pandora in the car, it's set up for that, but I think it uses up my data plan. I'm not sure how to make that work, either. My car is too technically advanced for me. It makes me a little uncomfortable, frankly. I'm not very savvy about all the new technology available. I know how to bluetooth my phone to play my downloaded music. I think. DS usually does it while I drive so he can choose the tunes.
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    NPR in the car. Also, when I'm driving home late from my bestie's place, I'll listen to an oldies station. I've got the thingy to hook my cell phone playlist into the car audio, but never have the patience to get it set up in her driveway in the dark.

    Elle will use the MP3 player interface religiously in the car, though. No radio for her. But she will listen to NPR if it's a program we like.

    Hubby likes to stream NPR on his comp. It's the background noise of our house.

    Elle's college is the home of Michigan Public Radio. She says it reminds her of she feels at home to hear it in the background both places
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    FM or Pandora for free in my car. DH listens to ESPN radio on FM. I drove his car last weekend, and listening to gold coverage was surprisingly relaxing.

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    In the car I listen to NPR and a local oldies station. Nothing like feeling old, when the music of my youth is considered "oldies".
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Just curious...homeschool families and radio