View Poll Results: When is it time to give up on a pencil?

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  • I'll keep hand sharpening it if I have to, all the way down to the nub!

    3 7.89%
  • When it no longer fits in the sharpener.

    4 10.53%
  • Really, anything less than 4" is too short to hold anyway.

    7 18.42%
  • I toss them out as soon as they're down to 5" because I only like them nice and long.

    0 0%
  • They're gone as soon as the eraser is used up. Forget the pencil length.

    9 23.68%
  • I have never had this dilemma since we lose all our pencils so quickly.

    15 39.47%
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    Default When is it time to give up on a pencil?

    A completely silly poll for your Sunday afternoon while I sit here sharpening pencils and giving Mushroom the stare down to make him finish his work.
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    I give up on those ones kids get for holidays before they even go in the pencil sharpener. You know they are going to break every five seconds and be down to the nub in seconds. We stick with plain old number 2's and use 'em til we lose 'em.

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    I need to add an "other" category. I pitch the pencils when they are too short for comfortable HUMAN use (usually about 4"), there is virtually no eraser left, AND/OR it looks like a billy goat has been feasting on it. We're slowly winning the battle on pencil consumption in this house. Slowly.
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    Never really have this issue. We have a lot of pencils floating around the house. We don't use the same pencil enough to wear it down with sharpening. Very few have erasers left on them though. Sigh.
    I have tossed pencils in a rage when the lead kept breaking or someone chewed on it (gross).
    mom to one awesome teen dd

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    when the eraser is gone, the pencil is too. I've tried those add-on erasers but they never work as well.
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    About four inches. I put these fantastic erasers on top and they last so long that I usually end up transferring them to a new pencil.
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    My kids either lose them instantly OR wear them down to the 2" point. That said, I haven't sharpened a pencil for them in months. They know where the electric sharpener is.
    Sarah B., Oklahoma

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikslobotetak View Post
    I give up on those ones kids get for holidays before they even go in the pencil sharpener. You know they are going to break every five seconds and be down to the nub in seconds.
    We also toss the holiday/decorative pencils. We used to keep them but rarely used them. They do not write well and the paint they use on the outside clogs the pencil sharpener.
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    Unless there is a need for a pencil, there are pencils everywhere in this house. If there is a need, they turn on their cloaking devices.

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    We use mechanical pencils for everything because I love a nice sharp point and normal pencils just don't stay sharp. That being said, pencils don't last long around here. Last quarter I lost a brand new package of mechanical that hadn't even been opened yet. So far I've managed to lose all but one pencil out of the Costco pack I bought this quarter.
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When is it time to give up on a pencil?