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    by Published on 08-04-2013 05:25 PM
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    shsnotbacktoschool-jpgCan you believe it? For many homeschoolers & unschoolers & roadschoolers & virtual-schoolers it's almost NOT time to go back to school!! That's right, it's time to NOT go backpack-shopping, NOT pay school activity fees, NOT memorize bus routes, and NOT feel those first day jitters. In fact, it's NOT time to do anything except figure out how to celebrate NOT going back to school!!

    We'd like to have a GROUP celebration this year at SHS. What's more fun than kicking off NOT going back to school by sharing pictures of what you'll be doing INSTEAD. We'd like to see your pics of freshly organized homeschool nooks, beginning-of-the-homeschool-year parties, field trips to any and everywhere, lazy park days, curriculum just arrived in the mail - - ANYTHING that makes you smile about NOT going back to school.

    To participate, simply post your not-back-to-school pics on Instagram and hashtag them #shsnotbacktoschool. We'll be running a stream of the most recently tagged photos on our SHS sidebar AND on a dedicated tab on our Facebook page. We can't WAIT to see how you are spending your days - - whether it's gearing up for new learning, or winding down from your summer adventures!!

    Happy NOT-back-to-school, SHS'ers!!!
    Published on 04-26-2013 05:02 AM
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    New to SecularHomeschool.com this week
    Andrew Braswell
    Andrea Young
    Andy Howse
    Becky Logue-Conroy
    Caren Green
    Charity Lashley Ashby
    Chrissie Hunt
    Erin K
    Janet Sedano
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    Katie Bower
    Kimberly Klosterman
    Mark Mulkerin
    Mary Nilsson
    Michelle Spellman
    Peter Letzelter-Smith
    Sarah Blais
    Stephanie Butcher
    Tammy Ann Bajan Hoeltke
    Yanin Lisette

    Published on 04-21-2013 09:30 AM
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    It's Spring! What does that mean in many schools? Picture Day. You know...lining up in your (hopefully) clean duds to sit under the bright lights and shine your best Shirley Temple grin at the cameraman for all posterity. WHAT A JOKE!!! Not in OUR school!!! We know what homeschool pics REALLY look like. Pajama-clad feet sneaking out to the garage to see if the chickens have hatched yet. Furrowed brows bent over the cereal bowl and the latest Beyonders book. Sisters building their history project out of Legos. Little brother waiting by the mailbox to see if Flat Stanley will come today. Your teen proudly holding her Homeschool Debate trophy. THESE are the images that crowd our cameras and smartphones until they are at the bursting point. Well now, it's time to share!! SecularHomeschool.com is proud to introduce..... HOMESCHOOL PICTURE DAY!!
    by Published on 10-23-2012 10:25 PM
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    Spongebob in small doses is funny(to the right viewer)! Takes your mind away from whatever and lets you veg out!
    Spongebob as my neighbor would make me move or do something even more drastic!
    That pineapple would become a yummy tropical drink REALLY fast!
    The same could be said amongst members on here!
    Small doses of information and opinions are great, we love them. Someone ranting and raving over and over can drive us batty!
    It can even make us visit the site less often, missing out on valuable homeschooling information!
    YIKES! The horror!
    Guess what...... there is a simple solution! The ignore list feature!
    How do I accomplish this task you ask?

    • Head to your settings, which is located in the upper right corner! Click it!
    • Then once your page has loaded up, look over on the left side and find My Settings.
    • Scroll down to under My Account and you will see Edit Ignore List.
    • Click it and you can add the member you are having issues with!

    Got to Settings -> My Settings-> My Account -> Edit Ignore List

    And once you've ignored a specific user, even their posts won't appear to you in the forum! No need to delete your account, no need to visit less often, no need to get into a debate....just ignore them!
    Easy Peasy!
    Now...off to become a vegetable...I'm Ready, I'm Ready, I'm Ready..... oops, got stuck in Spongebob mode there!LOL ...
    by Published on 09-10-2012 10:33 PM
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    If you've been homeschooling any length of time at all and follow other homeschooling blogs, you have probably come across at least one "Review Crew" post from a member of "The Old Schoolhouse." I love the idea behind these. A bunch of bloggers who review homeschool-related products and curriculum on their own blogs for the incentive of getting to try out new educational stuff for free. It's really cool to be able to find out what other homeschoolers think of different programs, and getting opinions on things without having to purchase them first?? Golden!!

    What I DON'T always appreciate about following these reviews from TOS bloggers is having to slog through the hundreds of faith-based references and reasonings - - especially when their decision to like or not like a particular product is simply because it is secular.

    So, I've been considering the idea of creating our OWN crew of blog reviewers. Yep...you guessed it...reviewers of the SECULAR variety. I would love to offer our favorite secular vendors the opportunity to have their products reviewed by bloggers who AREN'T offended by evolution or stymied by more than one worldview. But what I don't know, is whether there is enough interest from you peeps to make that a real possibility. I'm thinking we would need a team of at least 100 bloggers ...
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    I overthink. I get it! Anxiety? Yep. That's...

    I overthink. I get it!

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    I'm homeschooling my son this year, because I can't stop thinking and worrying. (And I'm clearly not the only one!)

    It seems to me that...

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    I'm glad that you and her therapist are able to work with your daughter. After DDs intensive therapy last summer, with her being 4 hours away and her college therapist no longer able to treat her...

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