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    blogroll-screenshot-jpgIf you're here at SecularHomeschool.com then you've already concluded that you aren't alone in your secular homeschooling journey. But sometimes you want more. To find out how families are managing their challenges. To get to know - - really know - - some other homeschooling families.

    We think that one of the absolute best ways to network with other secular homeschooling families is by following their blogs. And SecularHomeschool.com has some prolific bloggers gracing our site. How do you find out about them? Actually, we have a few different ways.

    1) Visit and peruse the blogs on our Secular Homeschool Blogroll

    2) Add our secular homeschool blogs interest list on Facebook to your own list of interest lists to follow

    3) Check out some of our favorite posts from our featured bloggers in the Secular Homeschooling on the Web magazine
    by Published on 02-13-2014 08:55 PM
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    We've been hearing from our members since back in the dark ages of SecularHomeschool.com that you wished there were a secular homeschooling magazine out there. And we've been purposely ignoring you. Okay, okay, not ignoring you so much as being so busy trying to wrangle chickens into coops, go on umpteen field trips, drink our way through...er...forge our way....through calculus with our high schoolers, and keep a 17,000+ member site going that taking on a project like publishing a magazine seemed out of reach.

    Until now, that is. Enter....Flipboard.

    If you haven't heard of it yet, Flipboard has become one of the most popular mobile apps among smart-phon'ers and tablet'eers. But we at SHS didn't get really interested until the folks at Flipboard were nice enough to expand their lovely mobile app to desktop/laptop users too. ((((blows air kisses to the folks at Flipboard)))

    Anyhoo, because Flipboard makes it so easy, timesaving, and yes.....COOL, ...
    by Published on 12-02-2013 12:18 AM
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    Let's get CRAFTY!!

    A new Instagram challenge is being issued to all Secular Homeschool members who like to craft, create, and do homemade things during the holidays! This is for both kids and adults!

    We want to see pictures of your creations! Ornaments, gifts, goodies, home-baked goods, and the like! You never know when your creation will inspire another member to make something new!

    I know that this time of year, we are constantly making goodies in my house! Between daycare crafts to take home or make as parent gifts, my boys creating things for family members or making gifts and goodies for my husband to take to work and hand out.... I am busy baking, crafting and by the time the month is over.....glue, glitter, flour and sugar seem to rule my home! LOL

    This year, I have 11 crafts for the little kids to create(yes, I am slightly insane!), bread and cookies to bake for all their parents plus our neighbors.... Secret Santa at Hubby's work, cookie exchange at Hubby's work plus treats and goodies for him to take to work just because! I haven't even started on crafting for our tree yet! We want to try the borax and pipe cleaner snowflakes this year as well and hang those in all the windows! WHEW!

    So, take a snapshot of those creations no matter how big or small! And then be sure to add our hashtag, #HomemadeHolidaysatSHS

    Now, go forth, be creative and then share!!! ...
    by Published on 11-06-2013 11:18 AM
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    November is considered the month to be thankful for things!
    And we are issuing an Instagram challenge to the KIDS of SHS!!

    Pets are a HUGE part of our family! I could not, would not live without my pets! We have 2 rats, a cat, 2 dogs, 2 lizards, plus chickens and ducks outside! They are all our pets and I would have more if I had room in my home. Pets provide an unconditional love, asking just for food and shelter plus an occasional snuggle! And I know that my family is not the only pet loving family out there!

    Kids respond to pets and many times, kids with issues work better with pets around.
    A snuggle with your dog may calm your child after a meltdown, a head bump from the cat while studying may give your child that extra push to get it done on time, watching fish swim has proven to lower blood pressure and calm crying babies plus taking care of a pet teaches responsibility. Even using their pets as subject matter for art or writing can get kids to express more than they normally would!

    My boys each had a special pet growing up, my older son had a chihuahua since he was 18 months old and was his right hand man!! They went everywhere together and Brutus helped my son learn to calm down and focus instead of flying into a rage on a bad ADHD day! He passed away 3 years ago and we were a very sad family. He has a new dog now, Leia but it is not quite the same. My younger son had a cat that he personally picked out at 3 years old! Flyer the flying cat because she would leap all over his room. He would carry her around like a ragdoll. Sadly, we lost her not long after Brutus. We have yet to replace her. I had a cat from age 10 until 23 and she knew all my secrets! Bad day, talk to Patches! Boyfriend troubles, talk it over with Patches... ...
    by Published on 09-30-2013 11:43 AM
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    In alignment with Room to Read, we're celebrating Booktober at SHS this month!!

    What is Booktober?? Here's an explanation from the Room to Read website:
    Did you know that 796 million people in the world today cannot read or write? That’s one out of every five adults. The good news is that this month you can help change the story, and we’re going to give you all the tools you need to make it happen.
    Booktober is a month-long campaign to raise funds and awareness for global literacy, because every child deserves the chance of a brighter future.
    There are so many cool ways to participate with Booktober!!
    • There are Booktober events being held in various places around the world. Check them out to see if there is one near you.
    • Want to make it even more fun? Host your own Booktober event such as a "Book Costume Party" or Book Swap using the
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