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    Published on 08-04-2015 02:00 PM
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    We'll use any excuse for a party around here, and August seems like as good an excuse as any. It's hot. It's humid. It's a reminder that summer will be soon coming to a close. And it's "crunch time" for lots of homeschoolers getting ready for the next year of curriculum, field trips, and memory-making.

    So, let's throw a little fun in the mix. Today's block party theme is ORGANIZATION. As you scroll down through our home page, you'll see that we have LOTS going on this afternoon.
    • We'll have a new door prize giveaway every hour from 1pm EST to 4pm EST
    • We'll have a new video/webinar about organization every hour from 1pm EST to 4pm EST
    • And most fun of all, for the first time ever, we've got a live chat box so that we can be as wordy as we want - - IN REAL TIME!

    Today's event would not be possible without four amazing sponsors, who I want to thank for partnering with us to make this August Block Party possible:

    by Published on 08-01-2015 08:40 AM
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    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Yes, August is here, and what better way to celebrate those last lazy hazy days of summer than with a BLOCK PARTY!!!

    So, this Tuesday, August 4, from 1-4pm, SecularHomeschool.com is hosting our first ever "Block Party" here on-site. Our home page will be our base of operations for webinars and videos, a live chat stream, door prizes, and more. All around the theme of ORGANIZATION.

    We'd all like to get a little more organized, wouldn't we??? In preparation for the Block Party, I'd like to invite everyone to share a pic of your MOST organized homeschool area on Instagram. Maybe it's your official homeschool room. Maybe it's a map area you've created in your kids' bedroom. Maybe it's your lesson planner. Maybe it's a screenshot of your curriculum list for the 2015/2016 homeschool year. WHATEVER it is, we want to highlight your organizational pics during the lead up to our Block Party.

    Inspire your fellow SHS'ers by sharing those on Instagram with the hashtag #letsgohomeschool, and we'll feature them here on our home page all this coming week!
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    Free Weekly Homeschool Planner
    You know the drill. There are 100 faith-based homeschool planners out there for every 1 planner without religious undertones. So, we didn't want to let another homeschool year come and go without offering you SHS'ers a free, customizable, and completely secular weekly homeschool planner.

    I've long felt that Google Drive is built for homeschooling. It simply works like a charm for everything from creating quizzes to tracking grades to creating transcripts. it's available on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. And did I mention the FREE part?? If you can use a word processing program or a spreadsheet, then you can use Google Drive. (And honestly, even if you can't do those things, Google Drive Help tutorials will basically walk you through anything you need to know).

    So to make the new SHS weekly homeschool planner work for everyone - - and I do mean everyone - - all you need is a Google account and a link into Google Drive. From there, here are the instructions for importing the SHS Weekly Homeschool Planner into your own Drive account....
    by Published on 05-25-2015 09:28 AM
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    new-forum-addition-jpgYou asked for it, and here it is! The newest addition to the SecularHomeschool.com forum is a section dedicated to discussions about College Prep. Many of our members are smack dab in the middle of their homeschooler's high school years, some are edging closer to that daunting stage, and a few of us (waving hand wildly here) have actually found ourselves on the other side with some actual wisdom to offer (stop giggling!!!).

    So, thanks to the request of multiple SHS'ers, as of today you have a custom-built location for all-things higher-ed-prep. Let the questions, advice, and occasional commiseration begin!!!
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    Welcome to the forum, kara4d2. My daughter used...

    Welcome to the forum, kara4d2.
    My daughter used to **love** to do workbooks; I thought she was the only kid that did. ;) She absolutely loved Brain Quest materials, and likes structure and routine....

    outskirtsofbs 02-14-2020, 03:13 PM Go to last post

    Well, just dont think you have to compromise and...

    Well, just dont think you have to compromise and get religious propeganda disguised as curriculum! There are plenty of secular options for about everything. :)

    alexsmom 02-13-2020, 08:23 PM Go to last post

    Thank you for the welcome! Yes, WTM is super...

    Thank you for the welcome!
    Yes, WTM is super religious, but I just ignore that part and take what I like from it. I figured most of the good stuff would be like that since so many homeschoolers are...

    Leesaa 02-13-2020, 07:26 PM Go to last post

    Thanks for your response! I take your point about...

    Thanks for your response! I take your point about secular not necessarily meaning socially progressive - finding a community that is working to fight all kinds of hate is important to us, too.

    kara4d2 02-13-2020, 06:49 PM Go to last post

    Welcome! There is plenty of transitional advice...

    There is plenty of transitional advice here, as well as military family advice. :) Dig around un the archives.
    As far as WellTrainedMind, I think they used to at least have their own...

    alexsmom 02-12-2020, 12:05 AM Go to last post
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