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    Default Tv shows that your special needs child enjoys

    My five year old son has mild autism. I suspect he also has ADHD as well. It is hard to help DD12 with her schoolwork and tend to the household on the days he doesn't go to preschool. He has hardly ever enjoyed television, but in the last six months that has changed. He likes Peppa Pig and The Amazing World of Gumball. He will watch Gumball for longer periods. I ordered a couple of DVDs of his favorites. Anyone else have any suggestions? I wonder what it is about those shows that keeps his attention?
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    Have you tried the PBS Kids shows? Curious George, Wild Kratts, and Daniel Tigers Neighborhood (Remake of Mr Rogers) are favorites here.

    DS4 also has favorite movies that he will watch over and over... and when Mommy needs to do something without him, its really useful.

    If youre looking for other ideas on how to keep him from being underfoot, there are a bunch of threads here with a theme of "what to do with younger siblings". Busy boxes and other parent diversion seem to stick with me as the general flavors of response.
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    My son who has autism loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS. I think it's a good one because it teaches a lot of social skills.

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    One my kids have just discovered and love is Mr Ed. My daughter did a unit study on the invention of television, so my mum was showing her the TV shows that she first watched when she first saw TV (at the age of 17), and the one they found lots of on YouTube was Mr Ed. It seems to be of interest to multiple ages as both my 3 year old and 8 year old will sit and watch it. Its in black and white though, so may not be of interest if he likes things with a lot of color.

    Otherwise my kids love Curious George, The Cat in the Hat knows all about that, Daniel Tiger.

    The 3 year old is also very happy with anything that involves giving her a container of water to play with, if you can tolerate a bit of mess to tidy up afterwards. She will stay with water for hours. Either a small amount in the kitchen sink and she stands on a stool and I give her a selection of items to throw in and see if they sink or float. This usually progresses to 'washing dishes' so I just give her some plastic cups to clean. Or if we are outside I give her some water in a bucket and she likes to add dirt and leaves and mix up a potion.

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    Everything by PBSKids. I would sift through to find the ones that work the best for him, but I don't think you could go wrong with any of their shows.

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    My younger son (7 and autistic) loves Mighty Machines, Story Bots, Magic School Bus, Curious george, Dino Dan, and Fireman Sam, and Thomas the Train.
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    When my DS was little he liked Blues Clues, the original Mr. Rogers and Curious George. I know that Blues Clues is still on Nick Jr., maybe you could tape it? not sure about netflix. He too was not a big TV kid, but Blues Clues he always loved - I think it is the fact that they sign so much so it is very visual.
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    My 4.5yo boy with childhood apraxia of speech likes:

    Story Bots
    Sarah and Duck
    Super Why
    Signing Time
    Baby Einstein (the ones that have Marley Matlin that teach signs)
    Clifford the Big Red Dog & Puppy Days
    Paw Patrol
    Blaze and the Monster Machines
    Curious George

    Some of the old VHS tapes and DVDs we have from the older kids that he likes to watch:

    Blue's Clues
    Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
    Between the Lions
    Real Wheels Videos
    Little Bear
    Kipper the Dog
    Dora the Explorer
    Go Diego Go
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    Sometimes you can find episodes of these older shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Youtube. Speaking of Youtube, he likes Morphle, Super Simple Songs, and various read alouds we've found like Pete the Cat.

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Tv shows that your special needs child enjoys