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    Default Hello All!!!! Lonely homeschooling Family in Elizabethtown KY :>(

    We are a secular homeschooling family ( 3 Girls ) that seem to be swimming in a sea of christian homeschool groups, but cannot find even a single other secular homeschooling family in the area. My kids have been homeschooled for several years now and would love to meet other kids "like them".

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    Bummer...we are in TX and I know exactly what you are going through. It took awhile to find a secular group here too. We are the overwhelming minority for sure.

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    They let secular homeschoolers live in Kentucky? No lanterns and pitchforks? Well, I'll be... Welcome! I bet you'll find this group to be a nice cyber-support.
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    We are also in the same sea here in upstate SC. Welcome

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    I remember staying overnight once in Elizabethtown. But I was in my early 20s and didn't know any homeschoolers then. Regardless, consider this your home. Lots of us are isolated islands in an evangelical sea. We chart our own courses with help from other navigators.
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    Hi there, for sure you'll find some like minded friends here, but I do hope you also find some in real life.

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    So sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time with finding a local group near you! Have you looked over our Resource page on Local support groups, yet? We also have a small KY group that might be able to help as well. But until you find a local one we could serve as a pick me up for you!! A lot of us on here have had problems trying to find groups that are secular. I was lucky to find one early one, but we live right next to Raleigh so that helped! Don't give up I am sure there are others near you, maybe you could start up an online group (like on Yahoo) and get the word out!

    Come back as often as you can and Hang in there!
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    my husband was working in Jamestown, KY for 3 years. not only could we not find and secular HS'ers we couldnt find any homeschoolers within 2 hours of us!
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    Hi. I am homeschooling my youngest daughter this year (almost 9, starting 4th grade). I am in Cecilia but I haven't found any groups in Etown except for the Faith group. If I can't find anything else I guess we will go that route. I also have a daughter in college and 2 sons in PS ages 15/11th grade and 12/7th grade. I will post if I hear of any secular groups.

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Hello All!!!!    Lonely homeschooling Family in Elizabethtown KY :>(