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    Default Intro post - brand new homeschooler

    I'm a mom of 4 girls
    7 y/o 2nd grader
    5 y/o in K
    3 y/o in Preschool
    and 8 month old

    currently in public/preschool full time but planning to homeschool next year

    I am actually a school nurse but will have to find something else when we switch to homeschooling. Still researching a ton, but loving build your library so far. I am wishing this forum was a little more active, but still enjoying reading the older posts too, lots of good information!
    Happy to find a group of homeschoolers where jesus isn't mentioned every other sentence.

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    (I think the FB groups are more active, but thats not my thing.)

    I loved the resources in BYL’s Around the World (Maybe K level?) course. I did it at the same time as their world geography (middle school level).
    You could probably do all three of your school-age kids with it, studying one continent at a time. (And then start the 4 year world history cycle with all of them.)
    Ive found with my middle schooler, that BYL had a lot more activities than we would end up doing.... dont be afraid to say “that is too much!” (With my younger, we basically checked out whatever picture-filled books the library had on the subject (the BYL booklist is great, dont need em all), made recipes, a couple crafts, and watched some documentaries.)

    Let us know if you have any questions! Are you planning on still working, or at least temporarily ‘retiring’ from the workforce?
    Homeschooling DS13, DS6.


    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    I had been considering doing the K level with them because it seems like a good place to start, but worried it might be too easy for the 7 y/o. I am also thinking of getting it to start over the summer and not be so "structured" as we ease into homeschooling.
    I literally have a notebook and I have just been writing down all the ideas I have come across and curricula I like and want to explore further and it is a little overwhelming how much is out there!

    I am planning to work at least part time. I think we could get by without me working if we budgeted better but that isn't my strong suit and SO did kind of resent being the only one working when I was a SAHM with the older kids. I wouldn't work if I didn't have to though, that is for sure lol.

    I am in a few facebook groups but I can get on here at work

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    Welcome! Fellow RN here - an actually think I may do school nursing when my youngest is driving and a bit more on her own.

    I'm using BYL with my 7th grader this year, and wish I would have found it when she was younger. Brave Write also has nice writing and lit programs for the younger years.
    DS 14, DD 12
    Year 8

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    Welcome to the forum, kittey1994.
    Like alexsmom said, FB has way more traffic if that's what you crave.
    --Kelly--Atheist/Accidental/Alternative Homeschool Mom to one great daughter in southern Iowa since 3/1/10. Tenth Grade: Saxon Algebra-2, Holt World Geography, Holt Biology, myPerspectives-10/Creative Writing, Spanish-2, and Computer Science.

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    I love school nursing, but the pay cut was bigger than I expected and honestly is more than I can handle. I would be better off working PRN a few times a month, but I will miss my school kids when I leave!

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Intro post - brand new homeschooler