I didn't think I'd be considering homeschool but here I am I am currently 8 months pregnant with baby number 5 (he's coming on 2/25). My oldest is in the 6th grade and is increasingly unhappy at school. Not only is he unhappy but my brillant(totally unbiased opinion) child is in no way learning to his potential. He is on the autism spectrum and has a hard time socially and that is greatly impacting his learning. He has been asking me about being able to homeschool for a couple months now and I'm trying to figure the process out but I'm a bit overwhelmed.

My background: As I said 5 kiddos. Boy age 11, boy age 9, girl age 7, boy age 4, and boy to be born next month (yep that's a lot of boys ). I also am newly divorced, and happy about it. I have an undergraduate degree in accounting, but after passing the CPA exam and working for a bit I had one child diagnosed with autism and a second diagnosed with ADHD. The process of finding them a place in school became overwhelming and upsetting as I realized how little the school system understood about students that are "high funtioning" academically and special needs. I got lofty ideas about fixing this on a grander scale and went back to school for a master's degree in educational research. The focus of my course studies and thesis work was mostly "speical needs students that function intellectually at or above grade level." But even having this is my arsenal has not really helped me to get my son to a place where he is comfortable in school. He went from winning the class Einstein award to failing two core classes.

We are in Georgia (about 30 minutes south of Atlanta) so most of the groups around us use a Christian curriculum. I'm realizing from the bit of reading I've done here that it's more than likely not going to be a one stop shop for curriculum and I'm worried about making the right choices. It's going to be an adjustment for us but I feel like homeschool might be a better choice for my son. Also,I'm a bit worried about social development. Not necessarily because of homeschooling but because I also suffer from social anxiety (I received a late in life autism diagnosis myself, was diagnosed with social anxiety at age 9).

Sorry for the long winded intro but I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and gleaning a wealth of useful information.