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    Default Hello and thanks for having us.

    Hi, I am a 34 year old, single father of two children. Unfortunately my older child decided he wanted to do public school and moved in with him mom, so for now I am just teaching my 10 year old daughter. Technically she does "online" school through K-12 but I use that mostly as a guide to make sure I'm teaching her the same level as other kids her age.

    My wife and partner passed away last April, and it definitely turned my world inside out. She not only helped me run our business, she was a huge help when it came to my daughters schooling. So now I'm doing this all on my own, and struggling with time management. I know its possible, because my mother raised and homeschooled 3 kids on her own while also being self employed. However I am realizing that if i want to give my daughter the best experience I can I am going to need support and advice. That's why I'm here.

    I am also choosing to seek out help from the secular community because I'm getting tired of having the only advice I get about homeschooling, being "pray about it", "god will help you" or my personal favorite "you're only struggling because you're not spending enough time reading the bible". I am not bashing religion in any way, I just don't understand why choosing to teach your child at home has anything to do with any specific belief. If I want my child to learn about religion, that is separate from learning about math, science and language arts.

    Thank you for having this community available, I really look forward to getting to know you guys.


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    Welcome! Im sorry to hear about your wife.

    Is there a way we can help you with time management strategies? Sometimes it might be because youre trying to do too much, sometimes you need a more efficient system, sometimes you need to change your constraints.
    What is not working for you, where are you feeling squeezed?
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    Thank you alexsmom. I could definitely use some advice on better time management strategies. Normally the way it works is, while I work my daughter does her homework. Unfortunately I've found out that she's really struggling to do the work on her own, I guess 5th grade is a lot harder than 4th. The only time she really seems to understand what she's learning, is when I sit down with her and help her one on one. I love doing that, but sadly I don't really have the time, I work 8+ hours, than an hour drive home and by the time I make dinner, it's getting very late. I'm not sure if I need to find a way to simplify her work so she can do more on her own, or if I need to find a way to free up more of my time so we can do it together. Either way, she has fallen pretty far behind in her work, so now it's not just the daily work, but trying to get caught up.

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    Okay, what Im reading are two different things. One is that your days are too long, and the other is that the online program isnt teaching her.
    For your days being long, theres not a lot that can be done. Can you make meals easier by doing food prep and meal planning in advance? The crock pot, oven, and fridge are your friends! Make casseroles ahead of time, eat leftovers most of the week, have quick breakfast or lunch meals for dinner. Your stomach doesnt care!
    Do you have days off work (like weekends?) You can shift schoolwork to be more on those days, and get both quality time with your DD as well as schooling done. Save the long weekdays for projects she can work ore independently on.

    I suspect your daughters struggles have more to do with the format she is being presented than any impairment on her part. Online learning absolutely lacks the interaction from instructor to student that gives feedback to the instructor of how dialed in the student is. When you work with her, you can tell if shes understanding, or if the antics of your pets are distracting her.
    K12 is also a mass produced curricula that gives no consideration to her interests, learning styles, or your situation. To me, you are getting all the drawbacks of public school, without any of the flexibility or advantages of homeschooling. You may want to consider changing to programs that give you the flexibility you need. A math curriculum that works better for how she learns, a language arts program that knocks out your social studies too, a fun science program that you can easily do without having daily instruction. You dont have the luxury of being able to devote your daily existence to the patter of homeschooling - you gotta work, thats not really negotiable! Her learning time just needs to be more efficient.

    Where is your daughter while you are working? Is she with someone who can give educational interaction? My inlaws would sometimes do “art and music”, sometimes do history related, or spelling lessons, with my oldest when I had a regular morning commitment. Play to her caretakers strengths. If she is imdependent for most or all of the day, thats even more reason to step away from vanilla curriculum and find something motivating to her and that will keep her occupied.
    So, simplify your life as well as you can, and get curriculum that works for your situation. Im not sure how well this site’s search engine works, but there is a lot archived about different curriculum options! Or ask!

    Good luck!
    Homeschooling DS13, DS6.


    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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