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    Default Kate from NM

    Hello everyone, I'm Kate from New Mexico!

    I am pulling my daughter (8yo, 3rd grade) out of her Montessori school after winter break. She has been going to this school since she was 3 and we do love it for a lot of reasons, however; 1. It is way too expensive and the stress is killing us. 2. We have learned recently how behind she is for her age, especially in language arts.

    I am not a huge stickler for being at the perfect reading level or anything like that, but I almost feel like she's not really learning anything at all. We could also do so much more saving on money and saving on money stress.

    My plan is to homeschool her for the rest of the year and get her into a charter school next year. I hope to approach this with an adventurous, unschool vibe while also getting her caught up on reading and writing skills.

    She has been so interested in religions lately, and something I've been wanting to do is a world religions topic, where we study and then visit a Buddhist monastery, church, mosque, ect. I would finally be able to do that. We also love nature, science and art! She's already in ballet, but this would open other avenues as well. We've been practicing calligraphy together lately, but I'd love to have that as more of a curriculum.

    My worries:

    Math: I am no good at math. My hubby is but he works full time. I think it will be fine though and I'll probably get better myself.

    Organization and Focus: I hope that we can stay organized and focused. I want to keep up momentum and joy throughout the process and not get overwhelmed and annoyed.

    Attitude and Time: Towards the end of summer break, she and I will get so sick of each other. I am hoping with more of a schedule and activities, it wont be as bad. Also, I REALLY like my alone time AND I have a small business. I am hoping I can work those into our schedule as well. I can also maybe find local drop-off activities for her to take part in.

    Thank you for having me here. I am overall pretty excited about this adventure and I think it will do wonders for her and I both.

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    I hope you find homeschooling to be less expensive and stressful than her private school. By being open towards the unschoolish, and having a rough plan for exploring world religions with field trips, I think youre mentally off to a great (almost) start. Those sorts of adventures will make memories together far better than worksheets and trying to make your home resemble a prairie schoolhouse.
    About your worries -
    Math - This is third grade arithmatic, not integral calculus. If you can navigate a grocery store and manage household finances, youre overqualified. Plus, you can model learning as you yourself brush up on fractions and multiplication tables (if thats a weak point for you). Just be sure to get a decent text to use! We can also give you ideas on that and other games / things more inline with Montessori since thats what she may be used to.

    Momentum and focus - If youre organized and have a general routine, and accept that its entirely okay for other events to interfere, it should help with stress on that front. You will have appointments, repairmen, a day where youre frantically cleaning before your inlaws arrive.... and its okay to not do schoolwork that day. (Think Routine not Schedule.)

    Attitude and time - Homeschooling wont take as much time as you think, but it will probably take more of your attention during that time than you anticipate. I have few outside commitments, but am done with homeschool work by lunch, and often have my housekeeping tasks done at that time as well. Im free to have my personal time until dinner. My boys and I all have our separate places in the house, I find it more peaceful than if I had to drive them to and from activities.

    You do seem to have a lot of optimism and potential solutions to what you see as obstacles. Ask if you have questions, or want guidance planning structure.
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    Sounds like you have a great outlook for your upcoming homeschooling.

    I also started homeschool my oldest when she was 8 (now 11) and had similar worries. I am self-employed and work from home up to about 20 h per week, and really love my alone time. I have managed to find ways to fit it in, but you do have to work at it. Drop off activities for them are great, as is having an activity you can take yourself to (I do horse riding) while hopefully your DH looks after your daughter.

    My DD is also into ballet. She dances 3 h per week now, and has a great group of friends there.

    Do you have a curriculum that you are looking at for math? We use Beast Academy but there are lots of other good secular ones.
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    Hello Kate from NM, I'm Rebecca from NM. Welcome to the group! Sounds like you are off to a good start.

    When my kids were younger, I'd arrange a couple of evenings a week where DH would take over. That way I could lock myself in our room to be alone - it gave us all a nice break.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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