How much does she like science, experimental science?

If you want to combine, BYL8 is History of Science.... covering world history and “science” together. Without pesky experiments. (Uses Joy Hakim’s books, not as engaging as her US History ones, but youre still knocking out two birds with one stone, and no pesky esoteric experiment ingredients.)

If you like doing “kitchen” science experiments, Pandia Press makes a variety of science topics you can choose from. For my sanity, I needed to do an entire unit in a week (with basically nothing else), and one shopping trip to get all the supplies. (I did it once a month or so.) The components are easy enough to find in any megamart, thats just not how we eat.

If you have Apple products at your home, EO Wilson’s Life on Earth textbook series is free from Itunes, it would make a decent biology course. CK-12 makes some pretty dry non-experimental science books, too, over a variety of science topics.

Note that if your science isnt labelled as secular, it is probably not. Look for evolution and cosmology issues! As Richard Dawkins says, “Would you trust an eye surgeon who believes babies are delivered by storks?”

Also, a note about BYL: That a schedule is given is nice. However, you should change it to suit yourselves, not change yourselves to suit it. I dont like having two literature books at once (DS wasnt about to disagree), so we did double the daily amount for one book, then did the other book afterwards. There is also perhaps too much stuff on the schedule per week. Your mileage may vary, but dont feel that you have to do everything, all the time, or that keeping their weekly pace is needed.

And dont buy hardcopies of literature if you can avoid it! The library, and ebooks are a much tidier way to go! As enjoyable as most of the books are, they wont be read again, and they start adding up $$ quickly!

Bravewriter: The Writers Jungle was a bit expensive and didnt have anything in it that wasnt covered in her age-appropriate manuals. She also has a lot of podcasts and blog articles covering her philosophy. Start there! Free is better!

ps: Religious math - Fractions with Solomon! hahahaha