Hello everyone!

I'm an (ex)homeschooler from South Africa.

The two years I was home schooled were without a doubt the happiest and most fulfilling years of my education - partly due to my extremely introverted nature.

I never learnt about business, finance or economics and so it has only recently occurred to me that I might be capable of starting my own business - after I brush up on some business, finance and economics study.

I am in the process of creating a resource for teenagers that helps to bridge the (massive) gap between traditional academics and other areas of study that, I think, are a requirement for living a fulfilled life.

In other areas of study I include things like mental and physical health, business and economics, humanities, politics, career paths and the job market, and all the other things we found lacking in our lives when we decided it was time to thank Mom and Dad for all their had work and have a crack at going it alone.

And so, as you have probable guessed by now, I am here doing market research.

I believe the first step on the road to a fulfilled life is to learn bout our selves - what we are made of, how we work, what happens when we don't work properly (and how to keep ourselves working properly for as long as possible), how we interact with the others and how they interact with us.

In a nutshell, start in the middle, with ourselves, and work out from there - to infinity and beyond!

Does anyone share a similar belief and what, if any, resources are you using to tech your teenage children about themselves (physical and mental health etc)?

I hope you don't mind me being here, cheers!