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    Default Hi from Colorado!

    Hey all! We are a new homeschooling family, and fairly new to Colorado as well. My hubby works a LOT of hours, and I stay home with the little one (for now, may return to work in the evenings later).

    Honestly, despite the fact I've always wanted to be home with my son, I waffled back and forth about enrolling him in school.. until I went to the district website and saw articles about "active shooter drills" and "student fingerprinting at each entrance." I don't know why we subject our barely potty-trained children to that sort of fear programming. Plus, common core, IMO, is downright unconstitutional and makes approximately ZERO sense. Waffling completed. Here we are.

    My DS is 4 1/2 and we are leaning toward unschooling or a lightly structured curriculum. We've been working on a few things and he is taking off so quickly. It's amazing to see the progress he's made in one short month.

    I'm in need of mom friends, kid playdates, and general support. I'm a great cheerleader to other moms so we can hopefully help each other out. I'm not really sure what else to write, but I'm excited to be here

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    That does sound like a lot of trauma to be putting littles through!
    With my second son, 6 years younger, and 6 years more of homeschooling experience under my belt, I was much more comfortable with a relaxed, unschoolish approach. (Not really unschool, because we regularly worked on a reading and math curriculum, but definitely more relaxed and leisurely. Science and social studies were pretty much based on whatever his older brother was doing.)
    Its great that youre starting out more relaxed, and have in mind that your son is not a miniature adult. I think it bodes well for your success.
    Let us know if you have questions or would like suggestions for more natural, organic learnin activities!
    And jump into conversations here, sometimes its nice being able to be open and not curbing your words about homeschooling or religion. (Non-homeschoolers dont really understand about it, and homeschoolers tend to make assumptions about your churchiness.)
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    Welcome to the forum. From what I've read on other forums, there are tons of homeschoolers in CO. Isn't it Boulder that is very liberal? Hopefully, you can scope out and locate other secular hs families. Definitely check at your local library's bulletin board; homeschoolers usually post signs there looking for other homeschoolers. You'll have to decide what degree of churchiness you can withstand for those playdates and mom friends. It can sometimes work out, and then other times, go horribly wrong very fast. LOL
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    Welcome Let me know how homeschooling in Colorado works out for you. We live in NZ but my DH gets to take a 6 month-ish work sabbatical in the next year or so, and he has suggested Denver might be good for his work.
    NZ homeschoolers (school year runs start Feb to mid Dec).
    DD 12 (year 7) and DD 7 (year 2).
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    Hello and welcome.

    We live in the suburbs of Denver, and though school shootings is not on my top reasons for home schooling list, it is a reality here. On my block alone we have children who go to Columbine High School (4/20/99), Arapahoe High School (12/13/13), and my boys best friend (next door neighbor) goes to the Stem School (5/7/19)... His mom was a senior at Columbine and his Dad was a junior when that happened in 1999. With that said, I love it here. We didn't leave our charter school because we didn't like it, we left so we could travel and do school at their speed (skip a grade). When we think of relocating to any where in the world we really love Colorado and can't do it. Facebook really helped my find local home school groups. We have weekly "recess groups" that meet at the same time with kids of all ages. Home school programs (my boys will be starting a 2 day a week one this Aug). I could go on and on... Good luck on your search.
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Hi from Colorado!