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    Hi, my name is Alex. I'm new here, or at least this is my first post.

    I'm in California and have only homeschooled here in this state. I am a stay-at-home mom. I have 4 kids; currently ages four, six, seven, and nine. We have solely homeschooled.

    I'm not a particularly social person by nature, but I have been feeling completely alone in secular homeschooling in my area. (We're in Tulare County.) My husband and I are planning to leave the state for various reasons, and one of the major considerations in choosing our destination is what homeschooling looks like in that state. Right now I am looking into Texas (Dallas/Ft Worth area), so I would love to be able to connect to any other secular homeschoolers over there and maybe get a feel for how welcoming it would be. I have also considered Idaho, but that would be harder for employment opportunities.

    Anyway, just hoping to maybe find some friends/support. Thanks for reading.

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    It seems the farther you are from New York, the easier (less oversight) it is to homeschool, from the governmental standpoint. And the west coast seems to be where the charters or parent partnerships are.

    Secular always seems to be the challenge.

    Best wishes and good luck for your move!
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    Welcome. I hear you on the lonely/isolated. I hope you find something that works/fits for you.

    Do you have many after school activity opportunities in your current location? I find them the best for having social/friend time for the kids. So maybe if you check out the afterschool activity scene in the towns you are looking at moving to as well as the homeschool scene. Then you will have another option for socializing if the homeschool scene does not work out. If you have time/finances for it, I would also check out what the places are like for opportunities for you to have a hobby or activity outside of the home. Whether it be a community-based adult art class or joining an adult Meetup group for hiking or running.
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    Hi Aggie,

    I live in Maine (for a long time now) but grew up in Austin, and if you are concerned about having secular homeschool friends, the Austin area is a better bet than the rest of Texas. If my husband's job didn't nail us in place, and if we could afford to live there, and if I could stand the heat (I never was okay with it even though I am from there), I would absolutely love to move there and let my kids have the advantages of a diverse, educated, and kookiness-friendly culture, world-class libraries and university system, and my daughter who is now in high school would probably LOVE the chance to go to the Science Academy I went to (now called Liberal Arts and Science Academy).

    I have four kids also, ages 4, 8, 11, and 14. The 14-year-old went to school for the first time, last year, and is now in 10th grade (she grade-skipped) and the 11-year-old started school this year in 5th, but were homeschooled before that, and the younger two will be home for a while at least. Welcome to the board and I hope you find a lot of good ideas and info to help you along the way. It was a lifeline for me the past 8 years.

    ETA: I never visited DFW so don't know what the culture is like there personally, but from what I heard it was more conservative than Austin. Well, everywhere in Texas is, so that hardly signifies. But if you want a place in Texas where secular, diverse, and progressive are the default, and weird is revered, Austin is that place.
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    Thanks for the insights!

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    Hello form Toronto!

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    Welcome to the forums.
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    We have been homeschooling for about 6 years and we have lived in California, Texas and Idaho. All 3 places are easy to homeschool in. Secular groups in Texas and Idaho are difficult to come by. I found just participating in after school activities is the way to have kids interact with each other. And there are so many options, we have decided that it is just easier than trying to find and organize secular families, which are far and few in the homeschool community.
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