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    Default Hello from Wyoming!

    Hey there!

    Iím a mother of three (7,5,1), baker, and going into homeschooling my third year. The first two years were pretty laid back, and Iíve only formally schooled my oldest. The 5yr old starts this year. Up to now Iíve used MBTP (1st level) and tried the next level last year but it was not up to par with my then 6year old. So we just did AaBbCcDarian and then basically did some project based learning according to whatever struck their fancy. If anyone needs to know anything about the Kea parrot from NZ, just let me know...
    I was all set to blow my load on Bookshark level 1 for my 7yo, but after reading some posts here Iíve decided to piece my own together and Iíd LOVE your feedback!

    Hereís my plan:
    My 5yo will do the MBTP curriculum, just getting a new workbook and kit since I have all the books already. Sheíll also do Explode the code and handwriting w.o tears. Theyíre both a fan of workbooks and we will take our time with them.

    The 7yo will be doing
    History Oddysey The Ancients (I think, reviews?)
    Real Science Oddysey
    (5yo will be doing both of these too- got her an extra wb for RSO
    explode the code
    Life with Fred
    Handwriting w.o tears
    For Lit Iíll be doing a bunch of books taken from the Mensa ready list and the build your library curriculum.

    What do ya think?? My first time piecing together my own and I welcome any feedback and advice
    Thanks for reading!!

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    There is nothing wrong with doing two separate curriculum for your kids, but is there a reason you didnt want to do History Odyssey (Or BYL Lvl 1 - they use a lot of the same materials, I think) for both of them, to give them ďgroup learningĒ and save yourself some time and effort?

    Also, are you aware that Life of Fred isnt secular? Depending on your level of allerjesus, it might bother you.

    If something is working for you, though, use it until it doesnt!

    Ask if you have questions!
    Homeschooling DS13, DS6.


    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    Thanks for your feedback! Yes, i'd heard that there was some mention of religion in LoF, but I'm ok with it. My kid's best friends are super duper homeschool Catholic (8 kids, the whole shebang) so they're pretty well exposed to it. They probably know more about Catholicism than I do!

    I do plan to use both the science and history with both kids, but the 5 yo hasn't even learned her letter sounds yet (formally, she knows a ton of stuff) so that's why i'm using the MBTP- So it does letter sounds, numbers, some math, and tons of crafty shit-which she loves. She's much more artistically inclined and my 7yo is super scientific.

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    Hi from Colorado! We are just beginning homeschool and gonna try BYL for my 5 yr. old DS but I was really curious about MBtP. It sounds like you've got a great plan!

    And I clearly have been hanging out with the wrong people because this is my first time hearing "allerjesus"

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    It is great that you are trying to piece-together on your own.

    For me, your plan for your 7yo is too light on math. LoF alone will not give enough practice and repetition, and it moves through basic math concepts rather slowly and sporadically, and it does not incorporate manipulatives. It might work as a good supplement for some kids, but I wouldn't use it as a stand alone math curriculum.

    Also, History Odyssey is A LOT of history. Be ready for your children to not want/like that much history. Mine did not. We went interest-led, literature-based instead.
    mom to 3 girls: DD10, DD9, DD6

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    Hi there! I hope your year started out well. I am trying to find other Wyoming secular home schoolers. Please reach out if you like. It is hard in Wyoming to find other parents. Thank you!

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Hello from Wyoming!