Hi. I'm Christy and I'm a homeschooling veteran (graduated 2 sons - one now a lawyer, the other finishing his master's thesis in mechanical engineering). I've been teaching at home and in co-ops for nearly 20 years!

I'm also a student! I'm in the PhD program in Geoscience Education. One of the

I'm a teacher/owner of Preparatory Academy, Inc. in Tampa, Fl. We're a private, not-for-profit that serves the homeschool community. Our classes (and school) is open to everyone. We currently teach at co-ops in the area, but over the next few years, we hope to get our own building and start a true "hybrid" school.

"Secular" means different things to differentn people, but I'm always looking for secular science curricula that are complete (meaning they can be completed by a student with little input, have the answer keys, exams, etc.). I've used secular textbooks (from public school sources), but it's always difficult because just a textbook isn't really enough support.

Have you guys found any AMAZING high school science curricula? (chemistry, physics, etc.)