Hello to all, I'm Amanda, 29 year old stay at home momma/wife from WA state. I've got a 9 year old little lady that I am looking into some sort of home schooling starting her in 6th grade. My reasoning for this is quite a few things, safety reasons being number one, I'm sick of getting emails from the schools in our area letting me know of a lock down, or threats, or that they've sent the kids home due to threats etc. Also, I am no genius by any means, but I do know that my kiddo should be learning something else besides math, and taking AR tests for reading. I ask her if they learned anything else like geography, or social studies, science, spelling??? "No mom, we just did math and tests, and read to self, and reading tests." I want my daughter to LEARN! Lol. They've wiped away all of the other stuff besides math, and reading. Both important, but not the only important things. One more reason is time... she's growing up fast, and I love to spend as much time with her as I can. Anyway, I don't feel confidant enough in my teaching abilities to take on being the sole teacher for her, so I've been checking in to washington connections academy. She has a few cousins who have been doing it for a couple years of high school, and they seem to really like it, but I don't know anyone that's done it in 6th grade. I joined here in hopes to find some answers to my questions about how to schedule our day. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to just let the teacher teach and I just make sure she's doing it. OR do what I want to do, and that would be to let the teacher do he thing, and then also have a little time for me to teach her things too, like geography, government stuff nature stuff, cooking classes, budgeting money, cursive writing, take her on trips to the liabrary, etc? Will this connections academy take up the whole day where i wont have the time to do anything extra with her? Also, how does it work scheduling? If we need to do a quick morning grocery shopping trip, can I plan ahead for a later start time in the morning one day? Also, how do assignments for connections work? Due in a couple hours, or in a couple days? Lol I'm so sorry for all the questions! I'm lost, but determined to finger it out! Lol any help would be so appreciated!!!
Thanks- Amanda : ))))