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    Exclamation Intro and Welcomes New Members FYI's!!

    We want to extend a warm welcome to you as a new member, from all of us at SHS!

    We would LOVE it if you would take a minute and create a brand new thread in this forum to introduce yourself. Don't be shy...we LOVE newbie members and promise to welcome you warmly. (note: we've closed this specific thread to comments, so that's your cue to kick off a brand new thread of your own here)

    Do keep in mind that your initial 2 posts are moderated. No need to double post...we admin's and moderators will get them approved and posted ASAP! We are busy homeschooling parents too. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for a post to show up, though most are approved and visible within a few hours!

    We look forward to meeting you and good luck on your homeschooling journey!
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    Happy to be here! I am 52, married with a 10 year old son still at home. His has done well in public school (4th grade this year) but I have always harbored a desire to home school him. I will be leaving my full time job this summer and plan on starting his 5th grade at home. I feel that public school education is just indoctrination into a system - preparing for tests, practicing for tests, taking tests... it's all about passing that government mandated test! I feel I can do much better by him! He is excited about it and while I do have the support of my husband, he's not sure that it's a great idea. Right now, I am in the process of choosing curriculum - So far, I'm liking Time 4 Learning, & Math Mammoth. I'm not too concerned about being able to teach/guide him thru any subject besides math.
    I know a few home schooling families through my parents' church, but I am more comfortable with a secular approach.
    We are excited to begin!

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    Hello kshep and welcome to the forum!

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    So glad to have found this group. I am a 45 year old mother of 2, ages 15 and 11. My oldest, is very smart and determined, and has been bored in public school and private school since grade 6. He is also someone who knows very much what he wants to focus on with regard to his future, and I feel that his dad and I can do a lot better for him with the flexibility of homeschooling.

    He would like to focus the remainder of his high school training on pursuing the study of music and fine art, while also incorporating technology into both areas. My husband has been a musician and music educator for over 30 years, and I am also an educator with a background in the arts. So we feel we have something to offer. The struggle for us will be balancing homeschooling with two full-time teaching jobs. We do not have the option for one of us to stay at home.

    Right now, our daughter is doing very well in a traditional educational setting. She feels successful, and as though she is learning at a pace that meets her needs. As she grows and matures, she may also wish to focus on a more customized homeschool program, but, for now, will remain where she is. I am really hoping to find a supportive, local group to help us along the path of this new endeavor. This is our first foray into homeschooling, and we want to make it the best is can be.


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    Hi!! Welcome!! This site has been a big help to me. I haven't started to homeschool just yet because there is so much information out there. Everyone on this site has been very helpful when I have questions. I spend quite alot of time just browsing the forums.

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    Hello Hello! I am 35 yr old Mum of soon to be four children. I am absolutely terrified and very confused to start homeschooling for my two oldest, ages 12 and 13. We are doing Independent Secular Homeschooling. I will be asking a million questions and probably repeating the questions until I can get it all organized and understood, LOL! But we are serious and excited at the same time. I am very happy that I found this site. Thank you to all who created it, run it, and monitor it!!

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    Hi there!!! So glad to have found this forum, wish is known about it years ago! We're a family of 5. Oldest is 11, then 9 and youngest is 3 months! We've recently moved and I'm desprately looking for activities and local groups in our new home town when I ran across this website! I also wonder what others do for curriculum, and am intrigued by those who unschool.

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    Hi everyone!

    my husband and I have tried sending our twin 4-year-olds to preschool, and it didn't seem like the right fit for them. Their emotional and intellectual growth seemed to take a step back, so we started homeschooling...or I should say we continued homeschooling.

    I found this forum through a facebook post, and all I can say is "Wow!" We have been searching for secular homeschooling materials for months, and I am so grateful we found this site.

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    I am a stay at home mom of 2, 8 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. I am new to homeschooling and have no clue what I am doing. But I know it has to be better than what my daughter is learning at her public school! I have so many questions about curriculum and just everything.

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