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    Default Newbie Louisiana homeschooling mom to autistic son

    Hi and thank you for allowing me to join your group! My husband and I are in the process of filing the paperwork and putting together a curriculum to homeschool our 14 year old nonverbal, autistic son. We do not know anyone personally who homeschools their children, so I was thrilled to find your group. I already don't feel so alone anymore after reading just a handful of posts.

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    Hello and welcome! There are lots of people with a variety of reasons they are homeschooling!

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    Can you talk to your sons former teachers / therapists to find what they recommend as far as curriculum goes?
    Even besides curriculum recommendations, Ive found this forum is great for having other people I can relate to. Just knowing that other people have gone through the same trials and tribulations has been so helpful to me!

    Ask questions, use the search button on the site for any homeschooling or ASD issues, join in on the conversations.

    Oh, and advice for all new homeschoolers feeling overwhelmed by curriculum choices: DO NOT BUY boxed curriculum. So expensive, and not tailored to your kids individual interests and talents at all!
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    Are you able to get ABA? I homeschooled my DS with autism for 18 months. He is verbal, but I found that ABA was essential to our homeschool program. They worked on skills that were very difficult for DS and I to do together because of his resistance. My good friend has a son who is non-verbal and ended up in a group home due to violence to siblings, he started ABA at 17 and they had huge improvements in his behavior, so it is never too late to start. Anyway the LA law states insurance must cover up to 36K per year of ABA up to age 17. I know there are loopholes etc, but just thought I would throw that out there.
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    SO glad you are here, Mmedders! I look forward to many conversations with you. I'm a homeschool "alumnus", having recently graduated our last homeschooler, who also happened to be on the spectrum. I just kicked off a couple new social networks for parents homeschooling a child on the spectrum as well, and would love to have you join me on those, too...

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    Hello, and welcome
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    One hubby, 23yrs

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    Thank you for the advice, Alexsmom! My son's teacher and OT don't know yet that we are filing paperwork to homeschool, so I will need to discreetly ask in more detail what he's working on this year.

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    Thanks for the reply, Hawaiigeek! My son has tried ABA twice in the past, and the therapists released him both times because he showed no improvement after several weeks. His psychologist explained to me that ABA is not for everyone, so we are now trying TEEACH. We are hoping homeschooling will prove to be the thing that makes things start clicking for him!

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    Hi Topsy! I tried to respond to your PM but I doont have a reply option yet because, apparently, I am still too new. But I sent you a visitor message on your profile page responding to your PM. I also "liked" your homeschooling on the spectrum page on FB.

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    Hi Mmedders - I realized I never welcomed you! Welcome!! I hope that TEEACH works for you and if not that you keep plugging away. Have you heard of Wretches and Jabbers? They are two men in their 50s-60s who were completely non-verbal and with therapy in their 40s learned how to speak through the computer. There is a lot of intelligence going on in those kids heads whether they speak or not. Anyway also I have found that some ABA companies are fantastic and some are meh and some suck. I have had BCBAs that were wonderful, some that were meh and some that sucked so keep that in mind for future too. I guess for me it always feels better to have something in my back pocket just in case. So welcome and good luck. You can do it!
    DS16 with ASD, DD12 and DS10

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Newbie Louisiana homeschooling mom to autistic son