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    Default Hi from an alternative-living-hippie-wannabe who's still stuck in the rat race!

    ^^Yeah, I wasn't really sure what to title this...obviously.

    Right now DH and I and our 2 boys and fat black lab are doing that "regular joe" thing and not loving it. Boy 1 is in 1st grade at PS, Boy 2 is in part-time preschool. DH is f/t engineer and I'm p/t in finance. We live in a too-big house on too much land (with not enough time to enoy it) in suburbia. We have BIG dreams that are sloooooooowly turning into maybe-attainable-goals. The plan is to upgrade our RV (and sell the house), move into it and travel the country, roadschooling the boys, until we don't feel like it anymore. Then settle down somewhere new (MD is "eh" for us) and continue to homeschool. There are a LOT of "ifs" and logistics in that equation, but it's giving us something to work towards.

    I never, ever thought I'd have a desire to homeschool (in fact, I poo-pooed it...what a fool I was). When I'd posted something to my FB about disliking the color system being used in classrooms (you know...the "jimmy, you were bad today so your name goes on the red light for all to see" thing) and the principal called me at home to warn me against such outspoken dissent (those words weren't used, but the implication was clear)....yeah, the PS bloom was off the rose. The only school I'd consider is the hippie quaker school close by, but at $30,000 a year for 2 kids, not happenin'.

    I'm pretty sure I'd be a kick-a$$ homeschooler (eventually? maybe? hopefully? with ridiculous amounts of support?) even though I'll be nervous as hell to start but am not religious...spiritual, but not religious. So, I'm super-happy to have found this place!! We're probably a year+ out from this grand adventure. Thanks in advance for all the advice, direction and support that you may not even know you've given. I'm reading voraciously!

    Got the Airstream, got the wanderlust, sold the house and everything in it--taking off for one hell of an adventure--fall 2016.

    DS7.5 in 2nd grade--wild, sweet, independent
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    What a great goal! I hope it happens. I bet you would be kick-a$$, RVing roadshooler.

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    That principal could use a dose of Miss Night. (In addition to a better understanding of FB and/or the 1st Amendment.)

    Do you have a timetable in mind? That sounds like a huge change! Good for you!
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    Wow, I just posted this same thing yesterday! We can do it!

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    Welcome! It sounds like your family is in for a grand adventure! I don't have much advice to offer as my kids are preschool-aged and we're just researching and planning our hs'ing path, but I get you on the progressive slide into homeschooling. It wasn't ever a goal of mine, either.

    How did your son's principal see your comments? Can non-friends see your posts? Or was he/she stalking you? Disturbing. If the principal says that to you (a parent, a client, someone whose dollars are paying their salary), imagine the culture of fear that is likely rampant among the teachers at that school. Blech.

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    Had to pipe up because my cousin had a similar interaction w/the PS system in OK last year. She was having issues w/her granddaughter's (who she has custody of) elementary school teacher and had posted a vent on FB. One of the other parents (who's a friend of said teacher) printed off the rant and took it to the school principal. The principal phoned my cousin and informed her that he would consider libel charges against her if she continued to rant against this teacher, AND he'd expel her granddaughter. It got pretty freaking ugly. I saw my cuz's rant against the teacher and there really wasn't anything super-detailed or even overly critical in the post. No name calling, no threats, nada. Just a post about how tired she was of the teacher failing to explain things properly, of not following the child's IEP, and that she was being a bit brusque with the girl. Apparently one isn't allowed to have an opinion about teachers and share that with friends and family on FB if one lives in OK.
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    Hi, GnP. I'm in the same boat as you. Taking the plunge at the end of this school year. Very excited, anxious, eager, scared, etc. Just found this site and can't wait to find others in my area (Indy) to connect with.

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    The principal called you at home about a FB post? Wow. Scary times. Good luck with your grand adventure, it sounds exciting!

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    I envy your ability to go roadschooling. I always thought this would be such an exciting and freeing way to live. But I'll just dream about it.

    From a old old hippie, alternate living, eco-friendly, oh what else can I say, I'm just me.
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    Oh my heart...thank you for the warm welcome!! And another thank you for commiserating with the ugliness that is our PS's awesomely passive-aggressive principal. reply...

    quabbin--LOL...that Miss Night article is one of the things I put on my FB page! We have a bunch of stuff to do to the house to get it sale-ready as well as figuring out what on earth we can/will do for income on the road (you know, just those pesky little details). My little man is REALLY excited to go to kindergarten at his big brother's PS (*cough-gag*) and since we have a ton of ground-work to lay before heading out, he'll go. And if he gets the kindy teacher big bro had, it'll be a wonderful experience for him. DH and I will keep our eye-rolls to ourselves. That was the long answer...the short answer is leaving in the summer of 2015!

    Unabutterfly--see you on the road!! Let's do a tag-team lesson one day!

    Firefly77--yes, exactly...YUCK. Big yuck. And it was a mom "friend" that printed out my post (it had quite a few comments...most agreeing) and gave it to the principal. Can you imagine? She sure has a pair...ehem. You know.

    murph's-mom (I have a murph too!)--I am SO sorry your cousin had that experience. It makes my stomach turn, truly. And I firmly believe that if I had pushed it and didn't play by their rules, it could have gone that far. My biggest concern was retaliation (however veiled) towards my son. Blech...poisonous people suck.

    SnoBaby--BEST OF LUCK!! Very exciting!!

    Thank you again for such a great welcome...I think I'm gonna like it here.
    Got the Airstream, got the wanderlust, sold the house and everything in it--taking off for one hell of an adventure--fall 2016.

    DS7.5 in 2nd grade--wild, sweet, independent
    DS9 in 4th grade--gentle, loving, creative

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Hi from an alternative-living-hippie-wannabe who's still stuck in the rat race!