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    Google! Second year homeschooler and trying to avoid the headache of last year's weeding through course after course and altering lessons to fit our family. So happy to have come across this site!

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    Hello everyone,
    I just found this page today on a google search. I'm a public school teacher and doctoral candidate from the New Haven, Connecticut, USA area, and I'm doing research on how homeschool parents communicate and support each other. I think that the public schools could learn a lot from the work of dedicated homeschool parent educators!

    I look forward to sharing my work here and elsewhere and hopefully talking with some of you about your experiences and ideas!

    Joe Jeffery
    Southern Connecticut State University

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    Googled Homeschooling Forums and this ranked high.

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    Hi! I'm new here. I found this group through Google, looking for homeschooling groups to connect with. I'm in Southern California (San Clemente), and just getting prepared to homeschool/roadschool my soon-to-be three year old son. I'm trying to prepare myself to go all the way, and looking for support from the naysayers that consider homeschooling a detriment to my son's well-being.

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    Hello Everyone!
    I found this place because I was using some "GoogleFu" to find free Science curriculum for my 9 & 12 year old children. I found an entire science curriculum listed here in a forum thread. After that pearl of info, I knew I had to join.

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    Red face

    I googled "homeschool forum" .

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    Default Same!

    Quote Originally Posted by MommaAllie View Post
    I googled secular homeschooling and this was the first webpage I found.
    I'm interested in implementing some homeschooling techniques into my own kids' lives but all of the info I was coming across was very religious, which i'm not, so I googled "secular homeschool info" and boom! there you were.

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    Was searching for supplements and have been spending a lot of time finding supplementary worksheets and whatnot. Ended up finding a post that was really well kept for being as old as it was, on a topic I wish had come up back when I was researching it to begin with(we didn't have a ton of time to research and be ready before it was go time for homeschooling- I lost a lot of sleep making sure we had picked good options and everything was ready before we hit the ground running first day of homeschooling).

    Anyway, one of the posts came up in the search and I found it worthwhile to sign up. It was well kept and there are conversations still going on and not being pushed to the wayside even years later. I figured this might be a good place to get questions answered and get support online from other homeschoolers without the religious undertones. We actually are religious but munchkin isn't. By that I mean he can pick whatever he wants when he grows up. His dad and I are of two different religions so we just mish mash our holidays. It can get interesting. Neither of us are interested in teaching kiddo here religion. We have both seen that end badly anyway and would prefer he learn right from wrong before he even steps near religion- so he is aware people believe different things but doesn't particularly know why and when it is a question that gets too involved we tell him to wait until he's older. I know some people in better halves religion don't like this but we don't care if he ends up religious or not. We just want him to be happy and feel whole and not be blind following the blind in matters that critical thinking should tell him he shouldn't be. Just because re believe stuff doesn't mean he has to. We mostly just want to teach him not to be a giant donkey's butt about religion and don't really want anything else for him.

    You wouldn't believe how incredibly hard that is to find. Most of the organizations for homeschoolers that came up were all religious and not even my own religion. People of my religion don't usually teach religion to children. It's considered massively bad because kids will believe anything you teach them and don't have the ability to discern what's true and what's balogne until they are older. They don't even know what it is really, until a certain point, and they just learn to repeat it and be told they believe it until they do and- that's nothing we want for him. If he believes something one day, no matter what it is, we want it to come from himself not anything anyone told him he had to believe.

    Anyway. I've had trouble finding secular resources so every single one is precious. We live in a bible belt but also a state known for it's discriminatory practices. They favor Christians here very heavily. People have lost there children over not being christian here. They used to hang signs when I was a kid... they don't like pagans here. They used to be worse. I remember this one group that got attacked meeting and countless shops run out of business or forced to move by the harassment some church's will levy here. I'm not keen on being found by such blatantly hateful people. They are bigoted and probably also sad inside deep to there souls to treat anyone like that. What happened to immigrants kids semi recently has happened here for years to citizens. It doesn't even surprise anyone anymore. There is only outrage because it is massive scale and involves another country at this point. Nowadays they sometimes substitute 'mental illness' as a claim where the religion one doesn't fly anymore. No evidence, no charges, and lots of people lose there kids anyway and even have rights severed. My state is messed up.

    So anyway, I'd searched those same terms many times and then suddenly I wasn't getting the same results. Something probably changed up with google because, despite the age of this blog, I'd never run across it before and if there algorithms really went solely off of my searches then this should have come up long before now.

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    I am new here and found this site through google as well.

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    I came across the site by searching Google for homeschool forums, aside from the stuff on Facebook
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