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    Default Hi there from Missouri

    I've posted in a couple threads but never really said hi, so, HI!

    I'm Brandi, I live in the St. Louis, MO area, and I am going to be HS'ing my DD7 and DS3 this year. DD went to public K, then we tried to HS for a month or so of first grade but things were kind of crazy and it didn't work. I think I was trying to do too much, try to many things, etc - so she went back to PS. It was disastrous. We have moved and she'll be home for second grade.

    DH and the kids go to church, but I'm between faiths right now so I'm not going. :P So, while I'm not entirely secular, I'm schooling that way.

    Nice to meet y'all.

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    Welcome Brandi! I'm new here too and everyone as been very kind and helpful! I just finished HS 2nd grade with my oldest daughter so if I can help in any way please let me know! We too are what I would consider Christian in a way, we believe in God and Jesus but I have no intention of trying to teach my kids religious studies at all. That is what church and Sunday school are for and we haven't even found one of those yet and one thing I can not stand are Bible thumpers who try to tell me what is right and wrong. I would like to find a church that is extremely laid back, non judgemental and has no cliques. Guess what, can't find one. The cliques in some of these churches are so bad that it's like being back in high school. No thank you! Anyways, I've secularized the Christian cirriculum we use (easy to do, just replace what you don't like with things that you do, either by buying different books or printing things online). You will find a lot of great cirriculum ideas here from everyone. I've been having fun looking up all the different books they've suggested!

    • Mom to Courtney (8 yrs old) and Katelyn (2 yrs old)
    • 2nd year homeschooling using A Beka Books and anything else that we find interesting.

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    Great to have you here, Brandi! Thanks for taking the time to do an intro. I know you must be excited about beginning your homeschooling adventure in earnest. I bet it will be a wonderful year for you! We are always here to offer support, encouragement, and advice when needed...welcome to SHS!!

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    Welcome Brandi, it is good to have you here !
    Jana - Better Early than Late. Secular Homeschoolers! Combined family with 7 adult children and...

    StartingOver again with our younger ones:

    Quince - aka Word Smith ( 10 ) -
    Emma - aka Perfectionist ( 8 ) A History of Us, Book Shark History and Literature, Human Odssey, Saxon 6/5 ( Quince ) Saxon 7/6 ( Emma ), Madrigal's Spanish, , Latin Prep 1, First Form Latin ( Secular enough for me ), Elemental Science Biology for the Logic Stage, Analytical Grammar, IEW SWI A, and tons of literature.

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    Welcome to the group! I am glad you joined us!
    Sara Mom to
    Lucy 4 years old
    Sam 1 year
    our school blog
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    Feel free to add me! please mention the group in the request

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    Hi Brandi and welcome. We are in the metro-east area and we will be homeschooling for the first time this fall.

    Ian 17, 12th grade
    Maddie 14, 8th grade
    Jaxon 7, 1st grade

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    Hi! I am also Brandi and there is another Brandi here too.

    I have gone whole decades without meeting another one, and on this board we have 3?
    Alabama Gulf Coaster,
    Learning and loving life with DS 6 and hubby of 21 years

    DS is in public school, but we enrich and expand at home

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    Hi! I was wondering if there was anyone near the O'Fallon area. I'm a mom of 2 young ones, but I'm homeschooling my daughter now. I love it and need some friends to share in this fun with!

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    Kelly, I'm in Arnold so nowhere near O'Fallon, but there are a bunch of Yahoo groups for homeschoolers in the St. Louis area, so you might find someone nearby in one of those! Good luck!
    Brandi - mom of J (12, in PS) and E (8, at home)

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    Hello, Brandi, from another Missourian! We're in Washington, which is about 50 miles northwest of Arnold. I know there are secular homeschooling groups in St. Louis, but all of them are too far away for us to participate. I'm homeschooling my son beginning, well, NOW actually. :-) He's 8 years old and I can't really put him in a "grade" level because he's all over the map, but his last year of PS was his first-grade year. Welcome to the board!

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Hi there from Missouri