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    Default For those with a Roku

    I know I'm not the only one on here with a Roku. I got it so we could watch streaming TV & movies from Netflix. However, Roku has many other channels besides the Netflix channel. They have radio channels, NASA TV, audiobooks, college lectures, sports and more. Some you have to pay for, but there are many free channels. I just thought I'd mention this, so that those of you with a Roku aren't missing out on any of the other great channels they offer.

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    Are you serious??? See I am talking to the hubs about trying to get a Roku or Wii so we can ditch the cable and phone (we have cellphones) and keep our internet. Then use Netflix for tv and movies. So my next question is what level of Roku do you have? I saw the basic one was like $80 and then there are two other "upgrades" to choose from. I was thinking of getting the basic one as it is more affordable but would that include any channels?

    I have been on the fence about Wii because I am the only person in the house who can walk away from a video game after an hour. My hubs is a hardcore gamer and I am always fighting with him to putting his phone down or walking away from his laptop. That is really the only reason we don't have a gaming system. We had one and I finally got rid of it much to the chagrin of my eldest and hubs.
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    We went with the HDXR (the most expensive one). We figured it was only $30 more than the cheapest & was the highest quality they had (with HD & extended Wi-Fi range). You should be able to get the channels with any of them, though. They have Amazon Video on Demand, Pandora (internet radio), radiotime, mediafly, NASA TV, you can even access your photos on Facebook & Flickr. Some require you to sign up with a website in order to use the channel (i.e. Netflix). Some don't require you to sign up with a site, but doing so makes the experience better (i.e. mediafly). They have premium (pay) channels for movies - Kung-Fu Theater or Cowboy CLassics for $1.99 a month; classic sci-fi & horror from the 50s & 60s or movies & tv from the 30s-70s for $3 a year. We haven't checked out all the channels & have yet to do any of the premium ones (except Netflix). You can see what's offered, on the Roku website, just click on 'channel store'. It shows all the channel options, tells you if they're free or preium, and gives a short description of the channel.

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    Thank you! I love this idea and being able to pick and choose channels would be awesome. I will discuss it with hubs again this evening. I would much rather do this than do the Wii.
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    Yea I think I talked the hubs into it. It won't be any time right now but definetly making plans to get one. I have whined for years about how I wish we could just pick and pay for the channels we actually wanted. Our 200 channels would dwindle down to about 6. I had no idea that the chance to do that would be available.
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    This is interesting! I definitely hate the advertising and some of the Cartoon network shows are AWFUL! But the problem is. We do not pay for cable it comes with the rental so it is like i don't want to pay for something when i already have for something else.

    I had no clue about this but this is so cool. We do have a Wii and may eventually get netflix streaming..
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    CAn you just pick and choose from any channels you want? Im confused LOL I was just looking at their site and I dont really see where there are normal tv channels. We already stream our netflix through the Wii . I am quite the avid tv watcher though and I was just wondering if this would be a better bang for the buck kind of thing.
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    We just got rid of our cable. Today is day three & so far nobody's collapsed of boredom. I do miss my morning coffee with John Stewart & Stephen Colbert, but that hour isn't worth the $100 we're saving by ditching the cable. Yep, one hundred smackers a month. Outrageous.

    We stream Netflix through our Xbox & the Wii. I will say that the quality of the picture is MUCH better on the Xbox. I believe Hulu will be coming to Xbox Live in early 2011, so that'll be awesome, too! I think it'll be around $10/month.
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    humm.... I'm going to have to look into this more. We live in Spain and only get AFN (Armed Forces Network) which totally sucks beyond belief. I've been living off of hulu for my TV desires. There is only one place to get videos in English here and their selection is dismal. hummm... Internet based should mean I can use it here as long as it don't sink my Spanish ip to the Spanish language only.
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    MKB, you can get Hulu? It wouldn't work here in Germany. Trying to figure out if Roku will work here too. I've never heard of it before.
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For those with a Roku