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    When you were in school, and teachers offered extra credit, was it actually related to the subject the teacher taught? It always was for me. If it was Math, extra credit was Math problems. If it was Science, the extra credit was Science projects or Science reports. Any extra credit we had was related to the subject. Apparently, it wasn't like that at the private school my husband attended. He said since it was extra credit, it didn't need to be connected to the actual subject.

    We got to talking about this after a phone call from my niece. She called to ask for some help with an extra credit assignment for Math. It was a Word Search & Fill in the Blank about Vampires. I found it a bit strange that her extra credit Math work was about Vampires. My husband didn't see it as strange, because "it's extra credit so it doesn't need to be about Math."

    So, I'm kind of wondering where others stand on this. Should extra credit work be on the subject in which is was offered, or does it not matter?

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    If the extra credit work is being used to bring up a grade then it should definitely be on that subject. My extra credit work in school was like that, and my son was in public school and it was the same way. It kind of defeats the purpose to me if it is not. I guess it could just be extra work or busy work, but I don't think that should be graded. IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Busygoddess View Post
    If it was Math, extra credit was Math problems. If it was Science, the extra credit was Science projects or Science reports. Any extra credit we had was related to the subject...So, I'm kind of wondering where others stand on this. Should extra credit work be on the subject in which is was offered, or does it not matter?
    When I was in school, extra credit was to pull up poor grades, so it was most definitely related to the subject at hand, and it was usually more difficult work in that subject (or so it seemed to me).

    I can see giving students in public/private schools something fun like a vampire fill in the blank thing to kill time at the end of a class if they have finished all their regular work, but I wouldn't give any credit for such a thing.
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    I agree with Callie and Shoe. When my p.s. kids have extra credit, it's ALWAYS related to the subject taught and it is indeed used to bring up grades.

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    My experiences are like Nathalie, Shoe, Callie, and Brandi's...extra credit was either additional, relevant questions on a test, or extra work in the same subject.

    On the other hand, when it comes to homeschooling, there is a part of me that sees the potential value of awarding extra credit for weed pulling.

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    To me it makes most sense for the extra credit to be about the same subject. I would think that if someone needs extra credit than the extra study would be of benefit. It wasn't always like that for me in school though. I remember a time specifically in 11th grade chemistry class, the teacher said we could do a 5 page essay on any topic we wanted in lieu of a final exam. ??!! I did the essay because I just couldn't get my grade up in that class, it was NOT my thing, and I passed the year with a C, barely and mostly by cheating. LOL
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    Not only did our extra credit always have to be relevant . . . why would any teacher give any reward for a word search unless they are spelling words?

    I must admit, tho, to one extra credit I always felt realy guilty about. I had skipped pre-algebra in 8th grade, but i was at a very small private school. The class I was taking was called math 1 and it was the first half of algebra 1 and the first half of geometry. The class consisted of me, 2 very bright 9th graders, several 10th and 11th graders, and one incredibly math-challenged 12th grader. The teacher seemed incredibly impressed with me - my report card one semester was 100% and his comment was 'the grades speak for themselves'. My mom was furious, she wanted comments!

    Ok, the thing is, we had a test on angles of a triangle. I completed the test quickly, and wrote in a joke my father had told me. Its long. He gave me 3 pts ADDED TO MY 100% ON THE TEST for a JOKE?! I was totally embarressed.
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    I'm kind of amazed that any teacher would offer extra credit for something that didn't deal with the subject at hand. Like most of the people here, when I was in school extra credit work was offered by the teacher to either help students bring up their grades or were the extra "toughie" questions at the end of a test or quiz allow students to get additional points.
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    I regularly have given my 7th grader extra credit homework to bring up his math grade, it is always math related. BUT I do like the weed pulling extra credit idea from reversemigration maybe that could be in the nature studies class!
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    At least it's not just me. My husband looked at me like I was nuts when I said that extra credit should actually be connected to the subject.

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