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    Default I absolutely love


    The fact that there was a bouncing squirrel in our yard playing with his big green nuts

    My son's sense of humor ("If we're going to watch the Cheezy Sci-fi Trailers, we HAVE to eat cheesy popcorn!")

    The fact that I can make an obscure song reference and my daughter gets it

    So what are some of the totally silly things that make you smile?

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    I love talking to my eldest about the nature of time and space after she reads books like A Wrinkle in Time.
    I love watching NOVA with my kids and seeing their eyes sparkle.
    I love the taste of Swiss cheese and fresh walnuts together.
    I love being a nerd, especially when I am around other nerds.
    I love that feeling of spiritual and intellectual connection with other people, when having good conversations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenmother View Post
    I love watching NOVA with my kids and seeing their eyes sparkle.
    Isn't it great when they enjoy watching cool educational stuff instead of just watching mindless drivel?

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    The kids' uncontrollable laughter.
    Dad to two: DD, 12 and DS, 8.5

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    Ahhh things I love...

    I love coffee with vanilla caramel creamer, and I adore having hot chai with friends at a coffee shop. It happens so rarely any more!
    I love when the cats get the night crazies and go dashing around the house for no good reason.
    I love it when my son spontaneously uses sarcasm and doesn't know he's doing it (a la Sheldon).
    I love the responses I get my daughter screams, "I HATE YOU!!!!" in one of her rages and I reply "I LOVE YOU!!!!"
    I love surprising the kids with movie and pizza nights.
    I love that my friends and I send each other random little cards and prank each other for our birthdays.

    It's the little things, isn't it??
    Sarah B., Oklahoma

    "By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the bitterest." - Confucius

    Blog: Our Sunnyview

    Less-than-Zenlike mother of:
    M1 - The Boy, age 11, home since 2009 - loves science, swimming, and folk music
    M2 - The Girl, age 9, home since 2012 - loves anatomy, the arts, and her violin

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    I love that my kids think outside the box.

    ie my son, saying to me in traffic, that it's okay to cut the person off who just did it to me, because, you know, karma is not necessarily circular sometimes. Not only did he say it, he was DEAD SERIOUS. (and no, I didn't do it, but the driver should have smelled burning hair as a result of the look I gave him) teehee


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    I love sitting on the deck in the sun reading a good book on a Friday evening with a vodka/cranberry in hand.
    I love that it's Friday.
    I love that my youngest son thinks it's the funniest thing ever when I say "good night, rutabaga" when he hugs me goodnight (because we're weird like that).
    I love raking leaves into a huge pile and letting my kids jump in it.
    I love coffee in the morning.
    I love having breakfast on the deck on Sunday morning with my DH, just the two of us.
    Homeschooling DS16, DS12, and DS11

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    I love spending rainy days in pajamas.
    I love snuggling with the kiddos, the DH, and the dog in bed on mornings DH has to work later.
    I love tea, with sugar and almond milk.
    I love my Mom, and how understanding/open she is.
    I love my relationship with my grandparents.
    I love how my children always question things.
    I love baking and cooking. (Not so much the cleaning up!!)
    Nicole-Mom to DD, 5, and DS, 3.

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    I love my Chai Latte
    I love the quiet time in the morning when I'm the only person awake
    I love my simple touch Nook
    I love it when the boys spontaneously sing together.
    I love breakfast for lunch (or dinner).
    I love watching the kids strengths develop and their weaknesses overcome.
    I love having my husband cook for me.
    I love so many things that making a list of love's is harder than making a list of hates. Too many to pare down.
    -Hampchick (aka Dawn)
    Eclectic homeschooler of EJ (8) and JD (5.5)
    I sometimes blog: Meandering Homeschool

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    I love that when we were watching Shrek a couple of weeks ago my 13 year old got the adult humour for the first time and was belly laughing through out the movie.

    I love that my daughter knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it.

    I love that my dog is always happy to see me, whether it has been 5 minutes or 5 hours.
    Kathy, homeschooling my awesome kids Mister B and Little Miss M
    Telling our homeschool story at

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