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    Default What kinds of social media sites do you use?


    I have been using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for a while now, but I am now expanding to use Instagram and Tumblr, as well as maintaining a blog on Blogger. I would be interested to hear what you use, if you want to share your accounts so that I can follow people here (or you can PM me with the links). I am teaching a new class on social media and I am determined to use them along with my students for the semester.

    These forums have talked a lot about Facebook, but we haven't discussed these others much.

    If people are interested, I would be happy to post links to my posts. (I didn't want this post to seem like I was simply fishing for people to follow me.)

    A mama who teaches college writing, as well as help her 12-year-old in
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    I pretty much only use facebook - I tried google plus for a bit, but dropped it.
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    I tried Google Plus for a while too. I still have an account, but I am really unimpressed with it and most people I know are on Facebook.
    A mama who teaches college writing, as well as help her 12-year-old in
    choosing his own life adventure. Using Global Village School to support our desire to develop a sense of social justice and global awareness.

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    Instagram is my go to. I also use twitter regularly. Facebook is at the bottom of the list, and if I could get rid of it, I would, but I have a lot of groups I'm a part of on there. I pretty much have most of my extended family hidden, so that helps.
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    I don't use any of them. But my dog uses Facebook, cause her breeder likes to see photos and videos of her once in a while for his puppy portfolio.

    I tried Facebook once and was swarmed by people from high school...that I couldn't remember anything about. I felt kinda horrible....cause they seemed so sincerely friendly...and they remembered me

    Meh...whole thing is just too weird for me. I like long goofy creative letters and tons of privacy. The public wall...feels odd for personal stuff.
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    Tumblr only. I tried facebook, but collected a high-maintenance group of 'friends'. If I didn't 'like' something, it was - "Did you see my post on...?? Oh, just checking. Did you like it? Because you didn't 'like' it." Pinterest looks like it's own kind purgatory. I don't know how the others work. No, don't tell me. I like my bubble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnonyMs View Post
    I like my bubble.

    I have a FB account under a completely fictitious name, fake pictures, fake bio, everything. Because a handful of friends in other states won't communicate any other way. They understand the ruse and are willing to go along with it. I check it maybe twice a month. It also gives the inner rebel in me a little pleasure.

    In engineering terms, the signal/noise ratio of any of these services is too low for my easily distracted brain. The last thing I need is more links.

    And then there's the privacy issue.
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    I avoid social media. Id rather read a book (well, maybe not Little Women) than follow the day to day activities of people I barely know and dont really care about. At least books have a plot and a point.
    I do get a little frustrated when I cant do something (like enter a contest) because its only for Facebookers, or cant check out a list because its on Pinterest. But not enough to make an account for myself.
    I like this forum - the people here talk about things that are relevant and of interest to me (kids, homeschooling, dealing with being surrounded by bible thumpers, etc), I dont feel obligated or compelled to read every little thing, or to share every little thing. The people here are great, Id rather spend time here than catching up with people who were my acquaintances 20+ years ago and I have nothing in common with other than proximity in high school. If that makes any sense.
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    I only use Pinterest, and only for my own amusement and to save stuff to show DH or DS, or mark stuff for homeschool, or spark my own creativity. I use it to share stuff with a few friends.
    homeschooling one DS, age 13.

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    I use Facebook, I have really strict privacy setting. I starting using Instagram recently. I share a lot of knitting photos and once I get back into my art again I'm going to post more art.
    Teemie - 11 years old, 6th grade with an ecclectic mix

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What kinds of social media sites do you use?