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    Default Annoyance Thread

    There are times I think about putting something on the Hater Thread, but it doesn't really qualify as a "hate" per se. It's more annoyance.

    So here goes. Anything you find annoying, frustrating, infuriating, vexing, tiresome, perplexing...put it all down here. Whether it leans more towards a "hate" or a "love" but isn't quite there yet, this is for you!


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    Apparently the members of SHS have only hates and loves lol.

    I find busy, running around days annoying. In and out of the car is annoying and watching the clock to make sure we aren't late and just keeping track of it all. I want an assistant.
    Former Homeschooler to two daughters, age 20 and in college and age 12 back in ps.

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    I'm annoyed that "the maid" didn't show up and wash the dishes. Again.

    Also, no one did any laundry either.
    working-at-home mother of two.
    homeschooling the 11yo boy.
    the girl is 14 (8th grade) and loves her public school.
    they are very very different kids.

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    I'm annoyed that I have to work outside the house when I rather stay home and homeschool (we are a backwards household LOL)
    Mother, engineer, jack of many trades.
    Girl (13 yrs old), Boy1 (9 yr old), Boy 2 (9 yr old)

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    I'm with Julie. I call those "go-go" days, and I find them really annoying. Tomorrow will be one of them. Sigh.
    Working mom homeschooling DD (10) who is working on a 4th-6th grade level and keeps me hopping! SimpleMoney is my new venture.

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    Great idea, aspiecat!

    I could think of lots of things that have been annoying me, but at this particular moment it's my son singing this really obnoxious song from a computer game he plays. And he's singing it with his mouth full of toast.
    Mother of two monkeys...daughter age 10 and son age 11.5.

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    Good to see this thread get some responses! I think we feel more annoyed than anything at times...

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    I'm really ticked off at the amount of litter people throw out of the cars on to the side of the roads. I can't take a walk around my neighboring county roads without seeing trash almost everywhere. Some home owners don't even pick it up out of their own yards. My dh spent the last Earth day with trash bags cleaning up a 3 mile stretch near our home. A week later it was a mess.......

    Homeschooled two kids for 11 years, now trying to pay it forward

    Daughter -- a University of Iowa graduate: BA in English with Creative Writing, BA in Journalism, and a minor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

    Son -- a Purdue University graduate: BS in Computer Science, minor in math, geology, anthropology, and history

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    inmom, that would have had me tearing my hair out!

    I am annoyed that after waiting so long to get away from my in-law's house (and their two poodles and 19 cats), and finally managing to do so for two days and two nights last weekend (to attend the Cincinnati Comic Expo), all I wanted to do was get back here. There is nothing more that DH, DS and I want than to have our own place, but I've obviously become so used to not seeing other people or going to other places that just two days away drove me crazy.

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    Im annoyed by loud fake looking baby and toddler toys. Especially toy phones and key fobs. *Hello (giggle giggle)* in ultra loud and squeaky high pitched voice is frelling annoying! Toddlers want a real phone not some loud noisemaking box that doesnt act like a phone ��
    We took out the sim card from hubbys old cell phone, then charged it so it lit up and when buttons were pressed they made the appropriate beeps. Then one morning, theres some man on other end of phone - it had called 911. nothing will ever convince me a 12mo baby pressed the right sequence for him to have dialed it. but that was the end of that toy .
    Now we are stuck with the huge fake looking one that chimes out so we can hear across the house *i love you sooo much!* in some strange womans squeakified voice. :-/
    Homeschooling DS13, DS6.


    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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