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    Default Math options for 6th/7th/8th

    I am having very in advance anxiety about DD's math for next year and beyond. She is finishing Beast Academy 5 this year. Next school year starts Feb 2020 for us—yes I know this is so far away but if I have to purchase something in the US then I need to know in advance for DH's work trips to the US this year. She will then be year 7 in the NZ system but I think this is equivalent to your grade 6. In NZ, math at this stage and right up until the last two years of high school is integrated. In the last two years it splits into Calculus and Statistics.

    She has loved BA: the comic book presentation, that it is not too repetitive, problem solving type questions, and that there is not too much testing. In school, she always said she hated math and was not good at it, and BA has allowed her to see that it is fun and she can do it. So she has a lot more confidence in her math ability. When finished with BA, she will have done all of 3, 4, and 5.

    At this stage, she wants to homeschool for our years 7 and 8 (grades 6 and 7) and then may look at going to high school at some stage. I would like to keep her math integrated if possible for the next few years, and I would like something that is continuous for at least 2 years so we don't have to switch again soon. So I am looking for something that is grade 6/7/8 I guess, but I am not sure if from BA 5 she should go onto grade 6 in something else or to grade 7. She generally gets >95% of the problems in the BA books correct the first try, and has not had any issues understanding anything yet.

    There are no curricula to purchase in NZ for math for this age group, and I cannot find any public school resources to access either. AoPS says she should go onto Pre-Algebra, but I don't really get what this is. Is Pre-Algebra like an integrated/general math year?

    I don't want anything online. Does anyone have any advice on what our other options might be?
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    I had a hard time finding something transitional, too. I felt we were done with general arithmatic, but maybe a little early to Algebra. (We used Singapore which goes up to level 5, then level 6 is “inspired by Singapore”, which was really subpar imo. Their Middle School levels (“Dimensions”) were uninspiring too.) I looked at AoPS - the book is weitten like a college physics textbook - very text heavy. I didnt even want to try it at that point. I wasnt really thrilled with any of the obvious homeschool options.

    So we have just been taking our time going through an old Algebra 1 high school text (Inmom gave me an old ISBN), and thats been working fine for us. We bought it off ABE books for only a few bucks. We are probably the only California homeschoolers using a decade old Indiana textbook, but it’s not as though our understanding of Algebra has changed much since then.
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    Thanks. At least I know I was not being crazy when I thought there was nothing great out there among the obvious homeschool options.

    I showed DD the samples of the Prealgebra book from AoPS and she said she would not like it. She has also said "not the Mammoth thingy" (she hated Math Mammoth when we trialed it before BA). I had read your review in another post that the Dimensions/Singapore was not great.

    Will keep looking. I may have to resort to NZ curriculum aligned workbooks from the bookstore, which I don't really want to as they are not exactly inspiring and the NZ curriculum in math is also not great.
    New Zealand-based freelance science copyeditor. Homeschooling DD 11 (year 7) and DD 6 (year 2).

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    I just found some resources that I could purchase for the Cambridge and International Baccalaureate curricula so I can look at those as well. The IB one (Haese Mathematics for the International Student) at least looks colorful and interesting in its presentation, and they have grades 6 to 10 with an extension option for grade 10.
    New Zealand-based freelance science copyeditor. Homeschooling DD 11 (year 7) and DD 6 (year 2).

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    Check out the workbooks from Critical Thinking Studies. They have pre-algebra workbooks that might work for you.

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    Thanks Mariam, will check it out.
    New Zealand-based freelance science copyeditor. Homeschooling DD 11 (year 7) and DD 6 (year 2).

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Math options for 6th/7th/8th