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    Default math after Math Mammoth?

    hey all,

    I haven't been around in a while (a long while, from the looks of my profile youngest is now almost 6 and the oldest almost 13...), but I now have a middle-schooler, so I guess I need to start hanging out here more often

    we have finally finished up Math Mammoth. I need something else for next year for my almost 13yr old. I looked at Saxxon, but it's too intense for her. Math is a constant battle, and she hates it. This kids is destined for great things in the art world, but I want to keep up a basic level of math through highschool.

    I'm not sure where to look though, as there are just SO many programs....anyone have an awesome one to recommend?
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    CTC math online with a few worksheets from time to time for extra practice, have been a big hit here. It's very visual.
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    Are you looking for Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1? MM now has a Pre-Al program, or Jousting Armadillos. We did end up using Saxon to cement everything for 7th grade, but I modified it to about 1/2 the problems and it worked well for us to just work on Pre-Albegra skills last year. This year we ended up w/ Jacob's Algebra w/ Dr. Callahan's DVDs and Crocodiles and Coconuts (I will get the other one if we end up liking these).

    Other Algebra Programs I looked at- Foesters (there is a DVD that uses this book if you want DVD-based- Math Beyond Borders I think), LIals, and Pearson (I think there is also a DVD set for this one- Chalkdust?)
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    MathUSee Pre-Algebra? It worked very well with my dsycalculic son. (He still didn't love it, but he would do it. )

    Though sixth grade might be a little early for that. But I think I read that if you complete MM, you should be ready for Pre-Algebra.

    You may want to start considering if she wants to go to college and where that be. Then you can see what Math requirements they have.

    Like we know my son needs to get through Algebra and Geometry and then needs a 3rd math. (Most likely Algebra II)
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    My girls do very well with just using Khan Academy for math. We tried Math Mammoth a two years ago and quit half way through the books they were on; they won't touch a workbook since. We may do a worksheet here and there for practice but that's it.
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    My son is finishing up Math Mammoth (6-the old one) next year. He is also doing Jousting Armadillos, Zaccaro's Challenge Math, and Beast Academy (4C/4D). He really likes Math. :-)

    Are you looking for pre-algebra, algebra, something to give a different presentation to make sure skills are solid?

    Jousting Armadillos is supposed to be a fun, slightly quirky presentation of pre-algebra.
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    I guess pre-algebra.
    I bought Jousting Armadillos, but she really doesn't like it. She really wants to just do a worksheet, and check it off her list.

    she'll be heading into a visual arts program I'm sure. As far as I can tell, the ones around us don't have any particular math requirements.
    Kristin, sporadically, eclectically, homeschooling mom to Wynter (Nov 1st 2003), Cassia (Nov 2nd 2005), Solaine (Dec 21st 2007) and Orielle (July 23rd 2010)

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    I would look at the MathUSee then....

    We have the manipulatives, but he never used them. (And I would have broke them out if I felt he needed them.)
    ~*~*Marta, mom to 5 boys.
    DS 1 ( 19, has his associates' degree and is off to college)
    DS 2 (17 and dual enrollment in college)
    Keegan (15 and enrolled in a PPP but still has home classes)
    Sully (10 years, 4th grade)
    Finn, (9 years, 3rd grade)

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    ok thanks. will look at MathUSee again!

    Just noticed that Math Mammoth has some Gr7 and algebra stuff, so maybe I'll look at that again too.
    Kristin, sporadically, eclectically, homeschooling mom to Wynter (Nov 1st 2003), Cassia (Nov 2nd 2005), Solaine (Dec 21st 2007) and Orielle (July 23rd 2010)

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    KristinK, did you know that Math Mammoth now has Pre-Algebra? Maria Miller just started offering that!
    My DDs foremost talent is art, also, and she's about the age of yours (turning 12 at the end of the summer) and she finished MM6 but was tired of MM so I didn't get the MM Pre-Algebra like I had planned.

    Instead, I looked into an early-2000s-era Houghton Mifflin Mathematics textbook, because of our success with the same generation of Houghton-Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary (which is actually a comprehensive Language Arts curriculum all in one: covers grammar, proofreading, mechanics, root words, dictionary and thesaurus skills, and creative writing, not just spelling and vocabulary!).

    I wasn't disappointed: the Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Level 6 text is huge and heavy, but sensibly laid out, with one day's lesson covering a two-page spread, with the conceptual teaching and examples on the first page, and the practice problems, word problems, checks for conceptual understanding, and cumulative/test prep review problems, on the facing page.

    She is happy using it as an independent self-study, coming to me if she still doesn't get something, and has found it really helpful.
    My only difficulty is that checking her work is tedious, since I don't have a teacher's book to go with it, but if I hunt long and hard, I can find one on Ebay, and probably will, just to save me the time of going through each problem with a calculator, myself, and sitting there re-doing all her word problems.

    The amazing thing about this old 6th grade book, is that I checked the content point-for-point against current Common-Core-Aligned pre-algebra curriculum, and guess what? It covers everything those do!

    So it sounds on the surface like she's repeating 6th grade math, but in truth, when she's done with this book, she will have covered a solid Pre-Algebra course. Not bad for a book I got for $5 and free shipping, and can either pass down the line to the younger ones when they get there, or sell it back on Ebay for what I bought it for.

    And if my DD tires of this textbook before we're done with it, I would also look into MM 7/pre-algebra for her.

    Hoping to hear more about your daughter's journey, because my daughter is so similar.
    Middle-aged mom of 4 kids spanning a 10-year age range, homeschooling since 2009, and a public school mom also, since 2017.

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math after Math Mammoth?