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    Default Williamsburg Academy?

    Anyone have any experience with Williamsburg Academy)?

    I'm trying to figure out our high school plans and am contemplating doing some of the classes online. I like the fact that this school is outside-the-box and has actual teacher/student interaction.
    Would love to hear any real-life experiences!

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    I thought I'd have a look at this school, and was impressed with the offerings. The cost would be prohibitive for us, but it doesn't look so costly if you take into account the fact that many private schools' curricula costs far more than that.

    The only thing I'd say is to be aware that taking on a specific school's curriculum that your child will have to adhere to the academic expectations of that school, even while being taught at home, and you may come across the same attitudes from teaching staff that drive many of us away from regular schooling and look towards totally independent academia.

    However, the offerings DO look very interesting, and I found myself peeking at the various courses. There is a huge choice and I am not surprised you are tempted by what you see there. If I thought it might be a good fit for my son, and I had the financial resources, I may well look seriously at such an online system as offered by Williamsburg.

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    Thanks for the comments!

    I would probably not use the school as our only academics - but it looks to be at least an interesting option. I'm looking to "outsource" some of my oldest child's work and at least this distance school offers more than just a syllabus and grading (which is what I've been finding as I look around). Yes, definitely would need to follow the school's expectations but I'm willing to try at least once. We've homeschooled from day one and we've never had experience with outside teachers/school.

    Thanks again for taking a look. If we go with it, I'll post some updates and provide an honest review. I would rather hear from people that have tried it than jump in blind, but at some point I guess we just have to decide.

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    We're considering it. An online charter school is starting up in our state, so it would be free.

    It's based on Thomas Jefferson Education, which is... controversial. But the course descriptions (at least at the middle school level - I haven't looked heavily into the high school) sound like things I'd create if I were a little more motivated. At least the ones for last year did. I just glanced at the upcoming year and they don't excite me as much. But it still sounds like it has the potential to be a good match for us.

    Charter Schools & School Districts Ľ Williamsburg Academy might have some useful info if you're in the right state (it may be out of date, since my state isn't listed).
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    Hi Jess,
    I agree about the middle school - that was actually what pulled my attention to the school in the first place. If I were in a state with an online option I'd consider doing the middle school for my two middle children. I'm ready for a change in our school and would like to add in something new - however, I believe Maryland will be the last state to offer virtual options for homeschoolers! The high school seems like it might work for at least some of the subjects...

    As far as the TJEd - I haven't been interested in TJEd before, and I would probably have my DD use a different science as she's on track for AP science. I'm not a fan of reading about a theory without application - I don't think most kids can really get a handle on topics that way.

    I wish I could get a closer look at the curriculum. I've got a call scheduled with the school and will post any relevant information.

    Thanks for the response!

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    Hi there -
    I'm finally updating!

    We're taking the plunge and doing a few classes with Williamsburg beginning in the fall. I will be happy to write a comprehensive review as our semester progresses or answer direct questions for anyone else interested in learning more.

    What got us to enroll...
    *live, online classes and discussions with other kids
    *use of classics & emphasis on scholarly writing and study
    *great use of technology
    *opportunity to go on week-long field trip with other classmates (Expedition)
    *availability of teachers - I have been in contact with at least 3 since I emailed them, and have had two phone calls; my DDs begged from an experience outside the house and based on where we live it has to be virtual so this school at least seemed like they are truly responsive

    We won't be using Williamsburg exclusively, so I'll only be able to review those classes for which my DDs are enrolled. But I will update throughout the year regardless.

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    A charter school in our area (like mentioned above by another poster) is working in conjunction with Williamsburg, and will be opening here in the Fall. My highschooler asked to do it, and so that looks like what he will be doing this upcoming year. (We had enrolled our middle school child also, but she really wanted to do Oak Meadow, and OM fits her well. Maybe she will do it for High School.)
    I really struggled with some of the things I saw on their website, but when I actually talked to the people at Williamsburg, they were great.
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    Hello! I know this post is from a few years ago but I would love to hear how your experience with Williamsburg Academy went. We are considering it for our daughter entering 9th grade for Geometry in particular.

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