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    Default Do you homeschool to escape government intervention?

    This is a brief article from Politico:

    It discusses the link between homeschoolers in Iowa and the Tea Party. Many TP leaders have expressed their support of homeschooling, namely to escape from "government education" and its socialized ways.

    Here are a few lines:

    Based on the event here, the home-school movement looks like a logical extension for tea party activists looking to take their arguments into domestic policy.

    Several speakers railed against “government education” and spoke fondly of the “liberty” afforded parents and children who are not enrolled in public schools.

    What do you all think? While I see PS as inefficient and stifling, I've never viewed it from a paranoid point of view or thought about it as some sort of socialist or liberal machine.

    I'm getting the sense that there are two distinct groups of homeschoolers, and they couldn't be farther apart from one another on the political spectrum. But maybe that's just the caffeine talking.
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    I've seen a lot of talk about public school indoctrination from religious homeschoolers. They are homeschooling to prevent their kids from getting the "atheist agenda" and protect them from all that tolerance stuff. Slightly different from the political idea but similar.

    I homeschool because it's best for my kids based on their learning styles and quirks. I have one who has attended public school her whole life and will be graduating next year. I have no problem with the public schools, I just don't think they're the best for all kids.
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    I homeschool because my son just learns better when he isn't surrounded by other kids and because I hate the teach to the test environment. However, my sister also homeschools and she is doing it to avoid government intervention in her children's lives. She and her husband are strict evangelicals who truely believe that the government was going to vaccinate their children without their permission while they attend public school and brainwash them into being socialist liberals. It was pretty funny when my brother in law realized I was homeschooling and suggested that my sister do it as well but for completely opposite reasons. There are quite a few homeschoolers in our town that started homeschooling to avoid what they see as government intervention. They see much of the science and social studies as being skewed against Christians while I see so much dumbed down to avoid upsetting the Christian majority. It makes me sad to see so many children brought up with intolerance and ignorance.
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    Interesting link, especially as I live in Iowa. I hs because my kids weren't doing well emotionally in school. Our district has a hs support program and the people I have met and had time to talk to have mostly had similar reasons, more related to how their individual kids were doing in school than a larger political motivation. I have some extended family who are hsing and big Ron Paul supporters (they were probably at that rally!) but the family did not really start hsing until their oldest child had problems with neg peer group in school. He has some serious substance abuse issues. So they hs'ed with the younger kids, who are now grown and doing some hsing also.

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    That makes me think that more secular home schoolers need to be speaking up.

    It seems that people want to get a handle on us, and they think that we're all the same.
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    Yes and no. No, I don't think the schools are some sort of socialist conspiracy. Honestly, if they were, that might be better. It couldn't make them worse.

    But I do think that public schools are a political pawn. When you look at all the nonsense about Texas school boards and history textbooks, it's enough to make one go crazy. I don't want my children's education to be subject to the political whims of any school board. And I do think that government schools have an interest in conformity and very little interest in encouraging kids to question the system - after all, they *are* the system. So in those ways, it's somewhere on my list. But that's sort of the opposite of a socialist conspiracy. More like a conservative, maintaining the status quo one.
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    It is amazing to me (and scary) that education isn't put on a pedestal and made to be untouchable by politics, religion, etc. I know it isn't and really opening my eyes to how education sort of sails along the whim of political agenda and uber conservatism has made me re-evaluate my goals for this next year of homeschooling. I agree with Natalie that secular hs'ers should be louder, but how?!

    To answer the OP question, we will hs because it's what works best for us, not because I'm afraid of our name being "in the system". Granted, we spent nearly 8 years in the Army, so I suppose that option is out for us anyway LOL

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    This just goes back to why do you HS. Everyone does this for different reasons.
    Us we chose to for many.
    PS has failed to teach and keep children safe
    Their idea of fixing things is to just spend more money
    My children do not really fit into their mold of how you should learn
    Many have asked why we home school? I can only in turn ask them why would you not?

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    I homeschool for many reasons. First, I love being with my children, it fits our lifestyle, and most importantly, my children are receiving a better, more individualized education that they would at school. I am not afraid of the schools; one of my dds attended ps for one semester in high school. She came out just fine, undamaged, but she preferred homeschooling. I support public education but am very thankful I have, and am able to act upon, a different choice.

    Most of the local homeschoolers I know homeschool for religious reasons; they want to protect their children from being indoctrinated with secular humanism. Come to think of it, many of them align with Tea Party politics, too.

    I honestly think there are more secular homeschoolers than we are aware of. We're just not particular noisy and aggressive.

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    I began home schooling because I can do a better job educationally for my child than the public school. This remains true all the way through high school. DD has access to better everything. I did not, for the very first time, follow the law this year. I did not register her as a home schooler at the high school. She will not be taking the state tests, and I will not be handing anyone a portfolio of her body of work. I just got fed up with the government sticking its nose in something that is absolutely NONE of their business. I will not participate anymore. Period.

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Do you homeschool to escape government intervention?