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    Hello! Im new to the site. I'm just starting to dabble in homeschooling to see if it's right for us.

    I started teaching my daughter how to write yesterday, and we got into this argument:

    Me: Thats a Cat, Cat starts with C
    Her: No, B....B is for Cat
    Me: No, see (I write Cat on the page) this is the word Cat, see the first letter is C. Cat starts with the letter C.
    Her: No!!! (getting very exasperated) B! B is for Cat Ba Ba Cat!!

    .....sigh....we went on for a bit. I said that the letter B could be the cats favorite letter, but his name started with the letter C, but she would not let it go.

    This type of thing happens a lot. I don't want to just give in because I don't want to give her wrong information. I also don't want to argue since there is absolutely nothing that can change her mind.

    Maybe she's not ready? She just turned 4, maybe she can't process logic yet? any tips? advice? Thanks in advanced!

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    I would guess, if she wasnt frustrated, that she was playing with you. But if she was really becoming upset, it might be beyond what she is ready for yet.
    The reading sequence starts out with identifying the letters, then identifying the primary sound each letter makes. There are lots of games you two can play together to become fluent with the sounds.
    Another thing to play with is have her put out blocks and you make a best effort to pronounce the sequence. “Can I buy a vowel” becomes something said pretty frequently in this game at our house.
    As far as arguing or not wanting her to get the wrong impression, dont think that you will make a horrendous catastrophic mistake by simply redirecting when she isnt grasping a concept. There will be plenty of time and she will learn when she is ready.
    Also, you can get Siri to resolve conflicts. “Siri, how do you spell cat?” may carry enough gravitas with her if your word on the matter isnt sufficient.

    Ask when you have questions! Let us know how things are going!
    Homeschooling DS13, DS6.


    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    Thank you! This makes me feel much better. I'll do some research on some sound games we can play then. That block one sounds fun! I'll let you know how it goes.

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