View Poll Results: Did bullying play any part in your decision to homeschool?

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  • Yes, bullying was the main reason we pulled our child(ren) out of school.

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  • Yes, bullying played at least some part in our decision to homeschool.

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  • No, bullying played no part in our decision to pull our child(ren) out of school.

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  • No, our children have been homeschooled from the beginning.

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    Question Bullying: A Reason to Homeschool?

    This article in Psychology Today intrigued me so much that I had to add another poll for this week! I have a friend who pulled her daughters out of school solely because they were being bullied so fiercely. How about you? Has bullying played any part in your decision to homeschool?

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    That was a very thought-provoking article indeed. We've never had any problem with bullying. The only thing complicating our decision to home school is how well Zack gets along with his peers. However, I think we're trying to head off any potential bullying mainly because Zack is lagging behind other boys his age in motor abilities. It's not a problem now, but I could foresee becoming a larger problem over the years.

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    Let me answer this with a caveat: my son is 7 and is 4'6", and 100 lbs. He is NOT a bully, across the board everyone said this--but he is quite a bit taller than kids his age, and several were "afraid" of him because of his size. So...along with a LOT of other reasons, we homeschool.

    Now, he is very social and has several friends--none of which thinks he is a bully.

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    Bullying didn't play a part in our decision but it could have. Mitchell and a friend of his were bullied by a classmate in Kindergarten and the first half of Grade 1. Despite complaints to the teacher nothing was done about it. For a while almost every day he would come home from school complaining about being knocked down or something. Fortunately the child moved away during the Christmas break of his Gr. 1 year. We pulled Mitchell at the end of that school year for other reasons. I think we did talk about the bullying as something that could have influenced us if it had continued.
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    Well shoot, I posted a long reply and then I figured I'd try the spell check option and it wanted me to download a program so I did and when I OK'd it to run the Control X something rather it reloaded this page and made me lose my comment! So don't do that.

    You get my short answer: Noah's always been homeschooled but my other 5 kids/stepkids have always been to p.s. (apart from 1 year when I homeschooled one of my middle sons) and none of them have ever complained of being bullied. I have a red head, a couple of kids who have to wear glasses to read, a couple of them who had to wear braces and a couple of them whose mom is Hispanic. Not one complaint of bullying and none of them would want to be homeschooled. I think the bullying issue is the hot topic issue of the day in p.s. and I think that it's probably overstated to some extent, although it's probably more prevalent in larger schools and in areas where the students experience lots of stress (social economically or otherwise). In the last couple of years we (students and parents) have been asked to agree to standards of conduct that specifically address bullying, and the kids have had to sit through "no bullying" seminars at school. I think that if you teach your child to be assertive, a lot of the bullying situations will remain minor because most bullies don't recidive if you stand up to them. It's when you retreat that you get them excited and it gets worse from there. The problem with that is that school personnel doesn't discriminate when it comes time to punishing people in a bullying situation: oftentimes the victim gets just as much punishment as the perpetrator.

    I did meet another secular homeschooler just last week who told me she had just pulled her 11 year-old daughter from school because the bullying was so bad. Although the school is the highest rated in her town, and her daughter NEVER had a grade lower than an "A" in her school career, she was being picked on by teachers and students alike because she loves to read and doesn't wish to join in activities with other kids. It ended up turning into bullying when she was called "a dirty cracker" and worse by African American kids at her school, and when the mom went to complain, she was told by the school's administrative staff (her words, not mine) that "it wasn't possible because black people aren't racist." So seeing that her daughter would not be protected by the administration, she pulled her out of school, is homeschooling her while working from home, and apparently it's going very well.

    (that spell check finally works and I like it although it wants me to say "home school" instead of homeschool. Get with the times, people, there are millions of us "homeschoolers". It's a legitimate compound word by now!)

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    I have certainly heard of people who home school primarily due to bullying and children who are terrified to return to school. Hey, remember that autistic 1st grader who was 'voted off the island' by his classmates - at the insistance of the teacher? I believe they said he was being home schooled after that, didnt they?
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    We have always homeschooled, so no, bullying didn't play into our decision to homeschool unless you count the government as a bully. That was a good article, maybe the most entertaining one I've read in a month or two. Thanks!

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    This is part of the reason we are pulling Anthony out. Not the main reason by far, but it did play into our decision. Anthony is exceptionally bright for his age, and it makes it very difficult for him to get along with his peers. He tells us constantly that the other kids are mean to him. In Kindergarten it breaks my heart that he is already dealing with this.
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    When I homeschooled originally, there were no issues with bullying. I'm going back to homeschooling in the fall, but it has more to do with the quality of education my kids aren't receiving, than with bullying! That being said, I'm very fearful of my kids going back to public school when we return to the US. Here on base there is some sort of control, but out there, I just don't see it!

    Bullies have always been around, but it seems that the ante has been upped considerably since I was a girl in school. If I do continue to homeschool when we return, the main reason will be that I don't want my kids to be thrown into that pit!!!

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    I've always homeschooled, but I would say that bullying is not just a ps issue. While we haven't come into contact contact with any kids I would go as far as to call bullies (brats perhaps :-) ), one of the local co-ops had to close temporarily after having a student (middle school, of course, why is always the middle school? - I used to teach middle school) phone in a bomb threat over a girlfriend.

    Edited to add: The nice part about hsing is that you have the choice of who your kid hangs out with.

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Bullying: A Reason to Homeschool?