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    so, tell me it is ok to slack when you are fighting pneumonia! I have done some schooling with my boys, we knocked off 4 lessons of science yesterday ('cause the program is only 15 min long each day, so we did 2 hours!) and started a new math concept, which they did longer than I planned due to enjoying it. I've just picked one subject a day and worked on that for 2 hours, enough for the kids.
    I also have allowed much more TV, but I made it ok in my mind by limiting it to science- which is in plenty if you have Cable/Dish.
    The rest of the time has been spent with legos. Hours and hours and they still have ideas, that builds their minds right?
    Ok, today I can finally take a deep breath and went out of the house, so next week we are back on track.

    What do you do when the primary teacher is ill?
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    When teacher is sick, you take sick days. Do more over the summer if you need to, to make up for lost time. They will learn enough. I take lots of mental health days, but MOST of the time, i still think they are better off at home than at school (they both HATED school)
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    Do what works for you. If you're feeling up to doing any work, then do some. If you're not feeling up to it, let them watch educational TV, read, and play all day. A day off now & then because you are ill isn;t going to hurt them.

    With us, it depends on how I'm feeling. If one of my conditions is acting up & I'm in pain, I make myself as comfortable as possible on the bed or in my recliner. Then we do whatever we can do without me having to move. When I'm sick, we still try to do some work. What we're limited on depends on my symptoms. For example, a sore throat or a lot of coughing means less work that involves my speaking.
    Last year, when I had pneumonia, the kids went to stay with my mom. That was because the Drs wouldn't believe me that I had pneumonia & kept sending home. So, I spent most of the first week at home with a fever of 105, unable to do much of anything. The second week, when they finally diagnosed me, I was in the hospital.

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    Yeah, we just took a mental health day on Tuesday even though Xmas break is only 1 week away. Oh well. We both needed it. When the primary teacher is sick, DH tries to limp along and then it usually gets cancelled.

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    Pneumonia is tough. It takes a while after you can breathe again to regain full stamina. Be easy on yourself! sounds like you are doing plenty.
    I do bed school when I am sick. The kids can bring their books into the bedroom and work with me there. We listen to a lot of audio books as well.

    Lego is as good as 'school work' - complete learning experience. Tactile, spatial, problem solving, creative. Have your kids ever done any stop motion animation with their Lego and a digital camera ? My boy can work on this for hours.

    Lots of practical arts - kids making lunch, inventing things out of the craft box, cleaning jobs.

    Basically, I try to make the time I'm ill still count for something - but you know what ? If you are really sick, TV is ok. Whatever gets you all through the days and gets you well.

    Take care of yourself.

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    I'm sure one of my kids got into engineering school based on the hours he spent playing with legos. Take care of yourself.
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    The normal school year is 180 days, times 12 years of education, equals 2160, divided by 365 days in a year, equals 5.9 year to educate your children from 1st through 12th grade.

    By all means take time off when needed, you have my permission !!!!!!! LOL

    I hope you feel better soon ! I fought pneumonia recently.
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    When the homeschool teacher is ill, you take a break! lol.
    I completely understand your post! This past week, my son caught rotovirus, my daughter got a stomach bug and I caught the flu. At one point, no one could even get up and walk. It was awful. I canceled all our lessons for the whole week and we watched movies and laid on the couch for 4 days.
    Being sick while homeschooling is much easier than being sick and dealing with the public school system.
    I hope you feel better soon. I had pneumonia when I was 15. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StartingOver View Post
    The normal school year is 180 days, times 12 years of education, equals 2160, divided by 365 days in a year, equals 5.9 year to educate your children from 1st through 12th grade.

    By all means take time off when needed, you have my permission !!!!!!! LOL

    I hope you feel better soon ! I fought pneumonia recently.
    Ditto this
    Feel better soon!!!
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