This forum will be slightly different from other forums on our site in that we ask you to post items here for the specific purpose of helping other secular homeschoolers find them. This is a place to share free resources, links, lists, books, apps, videos, ANYTHING that would help other secular homeschoolers. To be the most helpful, these resources should be tagged by grade level, subject, concept, etc. so that they are easily searchable. Each tag should be separated by a comma. Please note the Tags section below each post:


Please use the following categories for labeling each resource shared here:

Grade Level (when applicable) - Preschool/Early Elementary/Upper Elementary/Middle School/High School/Multilevel

Subjects Covered (when applicable) Math/Science/History/Social Studies/Geography/Foreign Language/Language Arts/Reading/Grammar/Music/Art/Drama/Handwriting/etc

Type of Resource (when applicable) Website/Curriculum/Video/App/List/Books/File/Game/etc.

Keywords please also tag each listing with additional specific keywords that will help people locate the resource easily when searching (e.g. owls/Latin/multiplication tables/geometry, etc)

If you would like to suggest other helpful tagging categories, please respond below.

NOTE: when viewing the threads in this forum, you will see the small "tag" symbol at the bottom of each one. By scrolling over this icon, you can easily view each of the tags for this entry.

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