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    Default what is your favorite FREE homeschool resource?

    What is your go to free resource when you cant find what you need anywhere else? I feel like i spend more time researching than all my kids combined do schoolwork! Tell me I am not alone please!!

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    What ages are you looking for?
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    I'm not sure what the question is exactly. My favorite free curricula are NCERT's math, MEP Math, the Glencoe Lit Guides, and Art Tango, all of which I consider to be just as good as things you can buy. But there are lots of other *resources* out there that aren't curricula. And I'm not sure what you mean by a resource to find things?
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    There are free things galore, and even more free things to help your kids learn if you look outside the box of curriculum.

    Might as well ask “what book should my child read?”

    What are you looking for?
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    I agree with the others, your question is a bit ambiguous and without knowing what ages you are looking for it is hard to know where to start.

    For young elementary, I like Homeschool Share for unit study ideas & lapbook templates that I use as interactive notebooks rather than lapbooks. has an entire kindergarten curriculum for free. I'd say it would probably be good for 4yo preschool or kindergarten depending on your child.

    Eureka Math has some issues with the middle school level lessons but I'm finding the elementary lessons to be fine. If don't like the way they teach a concept, I just teach the lesson my way and move on. MEP is another good free math program.

    A lot of times, I choose a picture book I want to do a study on and type into Google "<book title> lesson plan ideas" and get all kinds of stuff. I choose some of the most interesting looking activities based on what my child would like doing (he would love a scavenger hunt type activity but isn't crazy about arts and crafts type activities so I skip the craftsy activities and choose more active play type activities) But just Googling for activities to go along with a book is one of my favorite ways to find free ideas. As long as I remember to keep my child's preferences in mind while looking and limit myself to a realistic number of activities (2 per day is good number for us), it doesn't take me more than 20 - 30 minutes to plan a single book for a week long study.

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    We keep it pretty simple so I buy some basic curriculum as their meat and potatoes. We use YouTube for their special interests like there was no tomorrow. Spelling is a matter of keeping track of their past errors in a notebook, so that's a freebie. They also do a lot on my iPad in way of educational aps, all free. One of my favorites is called, I believe, "Presidents versus Aliens".

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    my kids are 4, 7, 10, and 12. I'm looking for anything like worksheets, websites, videos that are free. I've come across a lot of convoluted free websites that make you click 5 different things to give you one free worksheet so i was wondering if you might have something better.
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    I have found lots of free resources. I too, really dislike the click 15 times to get to a place.

    I have collected a huge number of free resources and posted them on my blog site.

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    It really is overwhelming for a new homeschooling mom!

    My son and I did kindergarten this year which was very easy, I didn't really use any resources.

    I am currently trying to get things ready for my upcoming year with my 6th, 9th, and 1st graders. It is a little overwhelming when you see how much is out there.

    Personally I would like curriculum without teacher involvement so we can set our own timelines.

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    Thank you for the blog address and list of resources!

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