I have yet another question about a science curriculum. Science seems to be the only academic area I constantly doubt myself and second-guess what is best for my kids. My oldest will be 9th grade next year, so doing high school. I really feel the pressure to have an organized plan for her science for the next four years. It's making my head spin. She is a lover of biology and life science type topics. I've let her do a lot of that the last few years. This year, she is doing chemistry. She's not excited about it, but she's doing well. I figure in high school, she will need biology, chemistry, physics, and one other science topic--could be anatomy and physiology, marine science, earth and space, environmental science, etc. Or, she could take an advanced class in one of the 3 basic science subjects. Gosh, I am rambling all over the place. Sorry!!

I guess I got on here to ask what people have done for a 4 year plan for high school and also to ask about a specific curriculum that I came across when researching this evening. The program is called Exploration Education and it's a physical science curriculum that is hands-on and very project based. It looks like fun and seems to cover a lot of concepts that I know she hasn't covered well in the past. If anyone has any thoughts or opinions, I would sure appreciate hearing them. Thanks!